How long do lips stay swollen after filler?

How long do lips stay swollen after filler?

Depending on the lip injector, tools used and dermal fillers used, lip filler treatment can result in either minor or major side effects. The good news however is this: in most cases, there are only minor side effects related to lip filler treatment.

One of the side effects is the swelling of the lips. Ideally, lips stay swollen for about 4 weeks after lip filler treatment. The treatment can last for about 6 months if done correctly. But what really causes the swelling of lips after lip filler treatment and what should a person do? 

The main causes of the swelling is the effects of pain from the injection itself and the volume of the filler used. The more volume of the filler used, the more the swelling. 

Swelling can be avoided by getting lip injections from a trained professional who uses appropriate fillers. A trained professional will further be able to know  the importance of avoiding any visible blood vessels during injection and the need to perform the procedure in a well lit room.

Another way to address lip swelling after lip filler treatment is in the use of appropriate lip balm and glosses which adds value. Lip balm and glosses from natural formulations are the best. In addition to offering required remedies, they also provide nutrition. Lip Luster which is a natural and organic lip balm is good at addressing lip problems after lip treatment. Lip Luster is a genderless lip balm which is free from artificial fillers and soothes your lips.

So take good care of your lips. Try Lip Luster today.

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