Price vs Value: Why Lip Luster Wins

Price vs Value: Why Lip Luster Wins

Chances are, you might have at one time experienced the inner edge of your lip line puckering up as if you have eaten something irritating almost immediately after applying regular lip gloss. This experience may have left you wondering what is the point of purchasing regular lip glosses, which though cheap, they harm your body. Imagine the danger of ingesting dangerous chemicals or toxic ingredients commonly found in most regular lip glosses!

So, what is an alternative lip gloss? 

Any lip gloss formulated from natural products is ideal for your lips. If the natural products are also from organically grown plants, the benefits become two-fold. This is where Lip Luster comes in. It’s a universal lip product from natural and organic ingredients. 

The Leovard Lip Luster is unscented and made with premium ingredients such as potent antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, minerals, avocado oil, organic hemp seed oil, and many more. These premium natural and organic ingredients help to restore, hydrate, fight aging and optimize the moisture levels in your lips. These lip luster benefits are ideal for both men and women of all ages and skin types. Those with normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types enjoy moisturized lips and have their pout to stand out. 

And something else, Leovard Lip Luster comes with sun protection. Yes, that’s right! Titanium Oxide, another of the Lip Luster ingredients, is a sunscreen. It protects your skin from harmful sun rays which can damage your skin and cause cancer.

The Leovard lip luster is the longer-lasting product you are looking for and is now available at our shop.

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