How To Prevent an Infection Post Lip Filler

How To Prevent an Infection Post Lip Filler
The lips naturally lose their volume and luster with age, making one feel insecure about their looks. With lip fillers becoming the new norm, people are increasingly opting for them to give their lips a little bit of oomph. The results are mostly natural looking, changing your look only subtly but enough to make you feel more confident and bold.

While the lip filler procedure is quite simple, minimally invasive and significantly pain free, there is much that could go wrong if not performed with caution. Similarly, negligence after the lips have been filled can result in undue pain. Post 24 hours of the surgery, the lips are the most sensitive. Being extremely gentle, avoiding putting undue pressure, rubbing or exfoliating is highly recommended.

Another issue that can arise is bacterial contamination or infection. The lips are most prone to getting a bacterial infection in the first three weeks of getting the lip fillers. No matter how sterile the tools are, there is always a chance of getting an infection wherever a puncture is made by an injection or needle. It is therefore of utmost importance to seal the injection site with a generous amount of antibacterial and antimicrobial ointment or balm.

The two most common types of bacterial infections caused by lip fillers are Abscesses and Cellulitis. They both cause an infection underneath the skin causing redness, inflammation and sometimes even pus.

You can spot a bacterial infection on your lips by looking for the following
  • symptoms:
  • Stiffened lips
  • Intense scarring
  • Thinning out of the lips
  • Intense redness and swelling
  • Nodules that may occur underneath the lip surface

The following are a few tips to ensure the prevention of an infection post lip fillers:

Have a Consultation

Before going ahead with any procedure, it is important to have a consultation with a doctor that you can trust. Discussing the pros and cons, and having them give you a go-ahead after performing a thorough examination of your lips will reduce the chances of things going wrong. In case you have any open, raw, or infected skin, they will advise you to wait for some time before getting the fillers as it could result in an infection otherwise.

Take an Antiviral Medication

Some doctors recommend taking an antiviral medication prior to getting lip fillers to ensure that the trauma and inflammation caused due to the injection doesn't trigger a reaction. This helps to reduce the chances of an infection or a flare up, especially if you have a history of cold sores or herpes.

Follow the Aftercare Plan

Post lip fillers, your aesthetician is likely to discuss with you, the possible side effects and their treatment, should the need arise. He will also give you some tips on how to start the healing and recovery process and what to do to prevent any swelling, inflammation and redness. You will be advised to eat healthy, reduce stress and stay hydrated to not only extend the lifespan of your fillers, but also to reduce the chances of getting a lip infection.

Being Gentle

Immediately after the lip filler procedure, the lips can feel tender and sensitive. Being gentle and careful with them will help to prevent any inflammation and swelling. The lips may also feel dried out and chapped after the newly performed lip fillers but it is recommended not to peel them or use any exfoliating agent, at least for the first few days. Using a natural and organic lip balm, free of harmful chemicals can help to prevent dryness, and make them feel hydrated and moisturized. While it's completely fine to use lipstick or lipgloss, it should be ensured that the products are clean and sterile, which could otherwise result in a nasty infection at the injection site.

Lip Balm For After Care

In the aftercare plan, your doctor is likely to prescribe some sort of ointment or lip balm to keep the lips hydrated and kickstart the healing process. A favorite of many cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians, the Leovard Lip Luster is an all natural, organic lip balm made up of hyaluronic acid, castor oil, organic hemp seed oil, pure jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, vitamin E and vitamin C. All these ingredients possess potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing properties. The organic lip balm is free of any harmful additives, fragrances and flavors which also helps to prevent any allergic reaction or infection, making it the perfect lip filler aftercare balm.


Application of the Lip Luster immediately after the lip filler procedure not only helps to stop the oozing, it also forms a protective barrier, keeping any sort of bacterial contamination or infection at bay. It is a product that Dr. Brian Arslanian, a double board certified plastic surgeon, not only swears by, but regularly uses in his practice and also gives it to his clients to take home with them.

So if you’re planning to get lip fillers to change up your look a little bit, don't forget to take note of these few tips to avoid infections, post lip fillers. Do your own bit of research to be able to make informed decisions. Because it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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