Hyaluronic Acid, Lip Luster by Leovard

Hyaluronic Acid, Lip Luster by Leovard

The number one post lip filler, and after care solution. 

Leovard’s ethos is about compassion, creativity, curiosity and empowering human change. That is why we do what we do. Because we want to create, we want to make change, we want to impact a difference in the world and we are curious about life. We live life and we would like to empower others to live life too.

The Leovard Lip Luster, Hyaluronic Acid lip serum, is something that has been developed out of this passion for curiosity, creativity, compassion and impactful change. We are curious, knowledgeable and in particular in relation to molecular biology. And with this curiosity and  knowledge, we wanted to apply our creativity, and we did. With the compassion to want to heal skin, we recognised the value of hyaluronic acid and we wanted to benefit from it through a skin solution. So we did. We empowered change in ourselves to create a solution using hyaluronic acid for lip healthcare. And we came up with the hyaluronic acid, lip luster, lip serum by Leovard. And now we want this change to be impactful to others whilst equally trying to make a living. And so we are providing this remedy and lip care solution to the market, because we want to solve for people the problem of dry, irritable, traumatised and chapped lips. All at the same time, ensuring the solution provided is good and acceptable to us and our environment. So we made it  natural and organic.

The Leovard, Lip Luster Hyaluronic Acid Lip Serum is pioneered by a plastic surgeon and formulated by a physician-scientist, this premium luxury restoring and hydrating lip balm and serum is created with natural ingredients, including oils, potent antioxidants and proprietary botanical extracts that fight against aging and optimize the moisture levels in lips.

With such protection, it also eases dryness, irritation and redness from harsh lip filler environments and everyday life. Universal and unisex, this lip serum is designed to be your universal and advanced lip complex.

This is a medical grade lip balm and is superior, crafted with proprietary extracts, including 4 premium botanical oils. It contains hemp oil extracts for improved lip healing, and the anti aging ingredient, hyaluronic acid, for added moisture and hydration from within the lips and not just the surface alone like other products.

It also contains stevia extracts for mild sweetness and papaya extracts for gentle daily exfoliation of dead skin and cracked lips. Like a fresh and powerful shot of expresso, the leovard hyaluronic acid Lip Luster, feeds your skin and body with nothing but the best of nutrition. Post lip filler procedure, they reinvigorate your lips and revitalise them and make them come alive. Accentuating your lips post procedure and giving them a little more volume and plumpness.

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