Take a closer look and learn about the Leovard Effect firsthand. 

From the first application, Leovard was non-greasy and it felt like it was kind of massaging my face. It was like an ointment that soothed my face. Leovard enhanced my face and it definitely worked for me.

Matt Keith / Bodybuilder, Enterpreneur

Leovard's aftershave is the most refreshing aftershave lotion I've ever used, and I've gotten compliments on the amazing scent! I've used Leovard after every shave since my first bottle arrived.

Karim Said / Computer Programmer

I look forward to shaving now. Leovard smells so good and leaves my face feeling smooth and renewed.

Drew Parker / Web Developer

I'm a fan of natural products and this aftershave lotion leaves your face smooth and moisturized. I will be recommending it to my friends.

Mark Pedri / Physician

Whether using a traditional or electric razor, I have always been very razor bump prone. When I initially heard about Leovard, I thought it was a least worth a shot. I am very pleased to say that this product far exceeded all of my expectations. The texture and consistency are incredibly smooth, the scent is pleasant, and the proprietary formula simply works as advertised. I don't typically write reviews, but this one was worth it. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to give Leovard a try as well.

Matthew Johnson / Attorney

When I put on Leovard, my face smelled really good, it felt smooth, and it felt relaxed.

Zachary Diaz / Visual Artist

I have really enjoyed using this product. It has been effective in removing shaving bumps and it leaves me with smooth skin.

Emi Bob-Manuel / Physician

My wife bought me a bottle of the Leovard aftershave for my birthday. The lotion has a silky and smooth texture that I enjoy after every shave. The mild scent and the fact that it prevents razor bumps is a plus. My wife also uses the lotion as a moisturizer for her face and feet. Highly recommended.

Neal Brown / Customer Service Manager

I use a face lotion daily and it's hard to find something that is scent free, light and not oily feeling. I struggle with high cost products that hit all of those marks. I prefer organic brands since I use it so often. I like the texture of the Leovard aftershave, and I absolutely love it after a shave. It absorbs well, which is important to me when I'm prepping for my day. It also washes off my hands well, which can be a problem with other brands after I put them on. This is a great product and I will be buying more.

Ryan Pierce / Founder of Airship Apparel

I've been using Leovard's aftershave for a few weeks now and have noticed less razor burn and irritation plus softer, smoother skin. It absorbs nicely and I love that it's unscented.

Zack Engleman / Controls Engineer

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