Lotion  (Step 02)

Lotion (Step 02)


Product Details

    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This premium aftershave lotion (serum) is created with natural ingredients, essential oils, potent antioxidants and proprietary extracts that reduce skin inflammation and irritation. This is a perfect razor bumps treatment for women and men.
    • LESS IS MORE!: Like a fresh and powerful shot of espresso, feed your skin and body with nothing but the best of premium oils and ingredients. Our unscented aftershave serum alleviates skin dryness, repairs skin damage, provides anti-aging benefits & optimizes the moisture levels in your skin.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Our unisex aftershave lotion (serum) can be used after shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments. Functions as a daily moisturizer, night cream and a powerfully soothing aftershave serum.
    • CHEMICAL FREE: This unisex aftershave lotion (serum) is free of artificial fillers, fragrances and allergens like walnuts or peanuts, and packed with super foods, vitamins and minerals. Silky smooth texture that is non-greasy and absorbs well. It is a great razor bumps treatment.
    • UNISEX SERUM: This razor bump remover is designed for men and women, all ages, skin complexions and skin types (normal, oily, dry, scaly, sensitive and acne-prone).