Winter Skin Care routine with Leovard

Winter Skin Care routine with Leovard

The cool and gentle night time breeze brings with it the promise of the most awaited season of the year; winters. There is so much to look forward to during this magical time of the year. Nothing beats the quiet winter nights spent bundled up in a cozy blanket in front of the fireplace with your favorite book in your hands, sipping on hot chocolate. While the solitude sounds delightful, it goes without saying that this beautiful season is also about the joy of being around friends and family during the festive days, hosting dinner parties for your loved ones and rekindling relationships. 

However, this time of the year can also get very exhausting and tiring due to all the hustle and bustle of hosting and attending dinner parties or being out and about shopping for your loved ones. All the anxiety and stress of being on the top of your game and constantly being on your toes can really take a toll on your skin, causing it to become dry, dull and irritated. Add in the seasonal change and you are left with skin that feels flaky and itchy. 

In order to keep your skin feeling it’s absolute best, it’s imperative to take precautionary measures and incorporate a few steps in your skin care routine that will keep it looking hydrated and fresh this winter season. 

Steps to keep your skin hydrated during winters

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

During winters, dermatologists suggest using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off excess oil from the skin. The cold and dry air can cause the skin to feel dehydrated and depleted, so in order to prevent the natural oils from stripping, it is best to use cleansers that are not very harsh to the skin. Leovard’s Multicleanser is an organic and natural cleanser, made from proprietary herbal extracts and is a great remedy for multiple skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It contains various antioxidants such as papaya extract, organic ginger and organic green tea that help prevent free radical damage that cause the skin to show early signs of aging. The Multicleanser also contains lactic acid that reduces acidity levels that cause skin irritation and acne breakouts. It is extremely lightweight and gentle, and works best for skin that feels sensitive and irritated during the winter months.

Avoid long hot showers and baths

A hot shower sounds soothing in the cold weather but in reality it is quite problematic for the skin. During the winter season, one must avoid taking long hot showers and baths because hot water causes the skin to dry up causing inflammation to skin in the form of redness, itchiness and cracking of the skin. The best way to keep the skin from drying up is to apply a moisturiser while the skin is still damp. This helps to lock in and seal the moisture, making your skin feel supple and hydrated. Here comes in Leovard’s Multicream that is an all in one body lotion. Whether you have normal or sensitive and dry skin, it works best for all. Applying the Multicream immediately after a quick warm shower will allow the lavender and chamomile to work their magic and keep any inflammation at bay while the botanical oils will help give the skin a boost of hydration.

Start using a serum 

If you have still not included a serum in your skincare routine, now is the best time to do so! Serums are very lightweight and due to their thin consistency, they absorb quickly and more easily into the skin. Leovard’s Serum has several botanical oils, vitamins and is rich in antioxidants that helps in preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum also contains hyaluronic acid which makes it a great product to keep the moisture locked in, making the skin feel hydrated and supple during the dry and cold weather. 

Take extra care of your lips

Lips are the most prone to drying out because they do not contain glands that produce natural oil, making them unable to keep themselves moisturised. The key to keep the lips moisturised and plump during the harsh weather is to exfoliate gently. The word ‘gently’ is key here. Rub the lips with a soft washcloth to remove the dry and dead skin. Now apply a generous layer of the most hydrating and soothing lip balm in the world; the Leovard Lip Luster. Formulated using all natural and organic ingredients, and free from any harmful additives, this lip product is the bane of dry lips in all seasons. The best time to use the Lip Luster is after taking a shower which allows the hyaluronic acid to work as a super sponge attracting the bath water and holding it in, giving you plumper, fuller and luscious looking lips. 

Last but not the least, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!

In the cold weather it is easier to forget to drink water because you are not in the scorching heat of the summer. However, all these skincare steps go in vain if your body is not hydrated enough. During winter, many people suffer from dehydration which affects the skin, making it feel dry and flaky. It is therefore of utmost importance to keep track of your water intake. Also, people who drink lots and lots of water are less likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines early on, keeping themselves looking youthful for long. 

We hope these tips were useful and that you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, feeling and looking your absolute best.

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