Why use of sanitizers is the best way to end the pandemic?

Why use of sanitizers is the best way to end the pandemic?

Sanitisers, masks and 6ft distance. What comes to one’s mind when reading these words? 

Coronavirus, right? 

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has changed significantly. From toddlers to elderly people, the whole world has realized that the only way to defeat this virus is to be vigilant in preventing it and getting vaccinated. One thing that is usually underrated when it comes to the prevention of this disease is the use of sanitizers. 

Yes, masks and vaccinations have been made mandatory, but oftentimes people forget that hand sanitizers are the best tool to keep the virus away. After all, it starts with the protection of the hands, and thereby stopping germs from spreading all over the body. Your hands are also, in most cases, the first thing that come into contact with infected surfaces. Thus, the use of hand sanitizers is extremely important to keep yourself safe and protected. 

So how should one actually use a hand sanitizer? How often should it be used? And what type of sanitizer should be opted for?

If you want answers to all these questions and want to find out more about sanitizers, keep reading! 

Why should you use a Hand Sanitizer? 

Sanitizers are a good substitute for washing your hands. In fact, in most places where there is no way to wash your hands with water and soap, sanitizers serve as the perfect alternative/replacement. This is because their alcohol content is high and easily helps kill germs and even help destroy a fatty layer or envelope that helps bind the composition of the components of the Coronavirus. This explains why sanitizers were sold out immediately after people started realizing that the Covid-19 virus was getting real and spreading like wildfire. Sanitizers are also pocket-friendly and travel friendly. They’re the best alternative to washing one’s hands and are not time consuming at all! Using a sanitizer is quick and easy and perhaps this is the reason they’re used so often! 

How often should you use a Sanitizer? 

To answer the question about how often the sanitizer should be used is a tricky task. This is because there are mixed opinions about this case. However, it should be remembered that experts suggest that as soon as one realizes that they have accidentally touched a foreign object or have been in contact with surfaces such as elevator buttons, escalator handles or even car handles, sanitizers should be used. Thus, its use then is relative to the person’s lifestyle choices, routine and exposure to the outside world. 

Which type of Sanitizer is best for you? 

With countless versions and variations of sanitizers available in the market, one often gets confused about which one to opt for. With flavored, scented and colorful sanitizers, people get confused as to which one will actually serve its purpose of fighting the Coronavirus. A key point to remember and help select the best sanitizer is to look for one with 60% or more alcohol composition. 

This is because alcohol is the main ingredient that helps kill germs and viruses, making sure that you stay safe and healthy. Leovard’s Luxury Sanitizer has 70% alcohol and also contains silver ions which make it a perfect defence mechanism against the deadly virus. And because most alcohol-based sanitizers can be extremely drying and their frequent usage can result in flaky skin to the point of peeling, the Leovard sanitizer consists of several organic and calming ingredients to prevent that. With hydrating and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea, this sanitizer doubles as a moisturizer, helping to keep your hands feeling soft and smooth, despite frequent usage. This makes it perfect for those with extremely sensitive skin. 

Tips to remember when using a Sanitizer 

  1. Always do a patch test when opting for a new sanitizer. This way you’ll know beforehand whether or not you’re allergic to the chemical composition of that specific type or brand of sanitizer. 
  2. Keep away from children at all costs. Sanitizers contain large amounts of alcohol which can be harmful for children if they ingest the sanitizer or if it comes in contact with their eyes. 
  3. Sanitizers can also be flammable. This is why they should be stored in cool places with utmost care. Keeping them away from flame and heat is a must for one’s safety. 
  4. Stay away from sanitizers that are of poor quality because they in no way help one stay safe from the Coronavirus.

 Take Away 

Sanitizers are tools that help a person prevent the spread of germs and stay safe and clean after contact with contaminated surfaces. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours but their effectiveness should not be overlooked because their use makes a difference in the rate of spread of the virus.

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