What’s the hype about organic skincare?

What’s the hype about organic skincare?

The first time I read the label of a particular skincare product I was using, I couldn't recognise most of the ingredients on the list. My curiosity got the better of me (quite literally!) and I searched up a few of the terms on the internet. To say I was shocked and horrified would be an understatement.

Not only did it have a ton of chemical additives, from parabens and formaldehyde to petroleum waxes and mineral oils, the Google search revealed that up to 60% of what is applied onto the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream, circulating through the body and causing irreparable damage. Some of these chemicals are linked to hormonal imbalance, organ toxicity and even cancer! Another shocking result was that many of these products may contain residues of toxic pesticides. Oh the horror!

The first thing I did was to chuck all my ‘skincare’ products in the bin. Next I started my search for something that would be gentle, soothing and nourishing to my skin, instead of causing long term, irreversible damage. That’s when I came across the term organic skincare. 

Not only is organic skincare a great alternative to it’s non-organic counterpart, it is free of harmful additives and allergens, it works much better than the latter, giving your skin the treat and pampering it deserves! 

So if you’re looking for reasons to make the switch yourself, read on to find out what really the hype is about organic skincare. 

So what are organic skin care products?

These are products that are made of natural ingredients and have no chemical additives. Most of these ingredients are derived from plant based sources that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and genetically modified materials. 

These products are a powerhouse of the goodness of many naturally-occurring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are sustainably and ethically sourced. 

Why should one use organic beauty products?

They are free of toxins

With little to no check and balance on the personal care and beauty industry by the Food and Drug Administration, companies are free to add whatever ingredients they wish to their products. This manifests itself in the form of harmful preservatives, fragrances and toxins in most skincare products. According to research, there are about 82,000 ingredients in personal care products, and about 14,000 of them are pesticides, carcinogens or hormone disruptors. All these ingredients cause long term damage to the body by entering the bloodstream through the skin. 

Organic products on the other hand are not only free of these harmful chemicals, they are full of nutrients and active ingredients that help to improve your skin’s overall health, giving it a natural radiance and glow. 

They are non-allergic

Many of the harmful additives in conventional skincare products can cause severe allergic reactions when applied to the skin, resulting in angry rashes, swelling and redness. Since the organic products are free of any artificial flavours and fragrances, the chances of an allergic reaction are next to zero, making it suitable for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin. 

And even if a reaction occurs, it is very easy to identify as it may be from a natural source such as peanuts, helping you to remedy and rectify the situation at your earliest. 

They are more effective 

Organic skincare products are more effective due to being more nutrient dense. They also contain more active ingredients than non-organic products. Active ingredients are those that actually work to address the skin concern the product is meant to target. Infact, according to research, up to 95% of the ingredients in organic skincare products are active ingredients while only up to 10% are actives in conventional products. 

They are better for the skin

While non-organic skincare products may give results almost instantaneously in the form of brighter and radiant looking skin, in the long run the harmful toxins only exacerbate the skin’s worsening condition, resulting in premature aging, wrinkles and dark spots. 

On the other hand, organic products may take time to give visible results, but they work by balancing the skin’s natural occurring oils, maintaining a healthy pH level and improving the overall health of the skin, giving your skin a smoother texture, and radiant appearance, helping you stay youthful for long. 

They are cruelty free

Condemning animal testing is another reason to opt for organic skincare products. Most skincare companies conduct this inhumane form of testing to ensure that the products are safe to use by humans. However, in the process, countless animals undergo extreme suffering. 

Companies selling organic products don’t need to conduct such testing as the ingredients are harmless and safe to begin with! 


Organic skincare products have received much acclaim in recent times, and rightly so. They are far better than non-organic products in more than one way. The decision to go organic in all aspects of life, ranging from food to skincare ensures that not only do we enjoy a better and more wholesome lifestyle, but that we also play a part in ensuring sustainability, and playing a part in making the world a better place.

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