What is skin pilling?

What is skin pilling?

Even if it’s the first time you’ve heard of pilling, you’ve probably experienced it more than once. It’s when your skin starts to form flaky and dry patches when you apply a skincare product to it. The particular spot on the skin refuses to absorb the product and the more you try to rub it in, the more stubborn it tends to become. 

So in actuality, it isn't your skin that is pilling, but rather it's the product that refuses to soak into the skin. Instead, it forms tiny particles that collect on the skin’s surface and transfer back onto your fingers. It’s quite frustrating to be honest. 

So what causes pilling?

This can occur due to several reasons. One reason could be the texture and consistency of the product itself. It might be too thick or not suited to your skin type. Or it could be due to using too much of a product. Another reason could be the application of too many layers of several skincare products, inhibiting proper absorption.

One reason that is usually the main culprit is lack of exfoliation. Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, making it difficult for the product to be absorbed into the skin, causing it to roll off.  

While it can affect any and every skin type, it’s a more common occurrence for those with dry and flaky skin. Also, people with oily skin can experience it, especially if they use products that are too thick and hence not suited to their skin type. 

It has also been observed that certain ingredients found in skincare products are more likely to cause pilling. Of those are silicones which make it difficult for the product to absorb well.

What can you do to prevent pilling? 

Since it makes the products you use less effective, it’s important to take active steps to prevent the skin from pilling. The following steps can help you do that:

Read the label on your skincare

If the product that you’re trying out contains ingredients such as silicone and talc, it’s possible that you will experience piling. Therefore, it’s recommended to opt for products that are silicone and talc free to ensure proper absorption. 

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

The benefits of exfoliating the skin are widely known. Not only does it help give the skin a brighter and radiant glow, it aids in the proper absorption of skincare products, making them more effective and able to do their job. 

Properly layer skincare products 

It can get confusing when it comes to layering products. Determining which one goes on first can be quite challenging. The general rule of thumb is to apply products with thin consistency first, followed by the thicker ones.  Water based products ought to be applied before oil-based ones. Also, make sure to not go overboard and apply a little bit of each product to ensure proper absorption of each layer. Give your skin a few minutes to effectively soak in each layer before moving on to the next one. 

How to prevent skin pilling with Leovard 

Leovard’s skincare products are a great way to combat skin pilling. Made up of all natural and organic ingredients, the Multicleanser contains papaya extract which helps to exfoliate the skin without causing it to dry out. Following it up with the Leovard Tonic helps to prepare the skin for further layering of all the goodness that the rest of products have to offer. 

The Leovard Multicream is a lightweight moisturizer that not only helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, it leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Unlike other moisturizers that can make the skin feel greasy due to their thick consistency, the Multicream hydrates without doing so. It contains soothing and calming ingredients like chamomile, lavender and aloe vera, along with several botanical oils to ensure maximum absorption, helping to keep skin pilling at bay. 

The handpicked ingredients make the entire Leovard skincare range perfect for those who experience skin pilling frequently. All products are silicon and paraben free, as well as being extremely lightweight, lending them the ability to get absorbed into the skin extremely well. 


Now that you know all that you need to know about skin pilling, you can combat it effectively. Using the right products, as well as layering them on appropriately makes a nice difference, resulting in skin that looks and feels sofa and silky, as well as making you feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin. 

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