What is hair slugging?

What is hair slugging?

Looking for something to transform your dull, dry and brittle hair into bouncy, shiny and luscious locks? 

Well, look no further, because you’ve come to the right place. 

Today we’re going to be talking about a haircare trend that took over social media by a storm a couple of months ago. Born from the Korean skincare technique of slugging, it involves the use of an occlusive to lock in moisture, helping to transform your hair as early as the very next day. 

While the concept is not novel, especially in African-American and Asian cultures, where oiling the hair to make it thicker, stronger and longer has been around for generations, it is definitely worth a shot. 

And what’s especially great about it is that it doesn't require one to spend even a single dime, as you’re likely to find all the products you need, already available at home. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What is hair slugging?

Just like regular skin slugging, hair slugging involves a generous application of an oil or mask all over the hair and wrapping it in a fuzzy sock overnight. You may use a scrunchie to secure it, and that is all.

While it is simple enough to the point that it’s foolproof, it really does work. By tightly wrapping the hair up overnight, the increased heat underneath enables the oil to penetrate deep into the scalp and hair shaft, doing its job of rejuvenating dry and limp hair. 

How to slug your hair?

First you need to make sure that your hair is cleansed thoroughly and free of any product buildup. 

Next, you need to apply your favorite hair oil throughout your damp hair. Make sure to use an oil that has nourishing properties like the Leovard Oil Fusion to make a visible difference to your hair. 

Apply a thin layer of the oil all over your hair, focusing more so on the tips. You don’t want to drench the hair as it will leave the hair limp and flat. 

Now run your fingers through the length of your hair to remove any tangles. Don’t use a brush or comb as the hair might break. 

Now tuck all your hair in a fuzzy sock and secure it with a scrunchy. 

While the original method recommends tying the hair in a ponytail before tucking it into the sock, we advise against it as it can pull the hair while you sleep, resulting in breakage. Instead, opt for a loose bun.

All you have to do now is sleep! 

The next morning, gently remove your hair from the sock to unravel soft, smooth and silky locks. If you feel that your hair looks oily or you’ve used a heavy oil, give your hair a good wash using a gentle shampoo. 

You may proceed with the rest of your hair care routine as usual. 

What are the benefits of hair slugging?

  • Aside from the obvious hydration slugging provides the hair, this technique helps to repair dry and damaged hair while also fighting off the much dreaded frizz. 

  • It makes the hair less prone to breakage by reducing split ends and lending the hair strength, enabling it to grow thicker and longer much faster. 

  • Regularly slugging the hair also lends shine and gloss to otherwise dull hair, making your locks look much silkier and smoother.

Some extra tips:

  • While hair slugging is an overnight treatment, you can reap its benefits within an hour or two as well. This works especially well if your hair is thin as this will prevent product buildup. 

  • You don’t want to let the oil stay in your hair for more than eight hours as it can clog the scalp pores, making it difficult for the hair to breathe, resulting in greasy looking and limp hair. It can also cause small itchy pimples known as scalp folliculitis.

  • You can adjust the frequency of slugging as per your hair type. While thick, curly and coarse hair can be slugged several times a week, people with thin and fine hair should stick to a weekly slugging ritual to prevent limp and flat hair. 

  • Look for an oil that suits your hair type. For people with thick hair, heavier oils like castor and coconut oil are great, but those with thin and fine hair should opt for those with lighter consistencies like grasped oil. 


Slugging is a hair care technique that has been around for centuries and given its popularity thanks to TikTock, it looks like it’s going to stay. And we’re all for it. 

So make sure to give it a try if you’re tired of your dry, dull and brittle hair and ready to say hello to beautiful and luscious hair. 

Until next time, toodles!

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