What is facial rolling?

What is facial rolling?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sceptical about beauty products and tools that are extremely hyped. Because the truth is, many don’t live up to expectations, and if there’s one place I don’t like to be let down, it’s skin care. Not that I like to be let down elsewhere, but it’s inevitable. So yeah.

Anywhoo, back to my distrust and skepticism about anything that just everyone claims is the bomb. That’s just how I roll. (Bad pun, sorry!) However, after my initial research into how it actually works, I decided to give it a try. And lo and behold! Am I impressed? You bet!

According to dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D, “Jade facial rollers have been used to massage the skin since the 17th century in China”. So this isn’t something new, and has been around for centuries, only recently rediscovered. And its benefits are plenty. So if you want to know why you should invest in one, keep on reading.

What is a facial roller?

The rollers are typically made of crystals such as jade, amethyst and rose quartz. Gently massaging the face with these helps to stimulate the lymphatic system which not only helps to reduce puffiness and swelling, giving your face a natural glow but also provides a cooling and relaxing sensation. Facial rolling is also a great way to delay the onset of visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and also work wonders in alleviating dark circles and acne breakouts, giving your face a much needed radiance.

Benefits of facial rolling?

Assists in lymphatic drainage

All the benefits of facial rolling essentially start from here. With age, our body’s natural ability to remove excess fluids and toxins from the lymphatic system deteriorates. Applying gentle pressure and massaging the skin therefore gets the blood pumping, supplying oxygen to the skin cells, helping the skin release accumulated toxins. This helps any swelling and puffiness of the face to reduce significantly. 

Improves blood circulation

As mentioned above, facial rolling is a great way to get your blood circulating, enabling oxygen to reach the skin cells effectively. This also helps to give the skin a fresh glow and radiance, and assists in improving skin tone. 

Calms irritation and inflammation 

Since the rollers are made up of stones which are naturally cool, facial rolling is a great way to calm down irritated and agitated skin. It also visibly helps to calm down redness of the skin post peel or microblading.

Increases absorption of skin products 

Used in conjunction with your everyday skin care products, facial rolling might just be what you need to see a visible difference in your skin’s health. Applying a serum, oil or moisturizer before you begin rolling can help the product penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, enabling it to do its job well.


    Facial rolling can help to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. We recommend using it alongside an anti-aging moisturizer or serum, like the Leovard Serum, made up of organic lavender and chamomile, to offer your skin not only the ultimate soothing and calming sensation but the best anti-aging properties of both.  

    Relieves headache 

    When used to massage the forehead and eyebrows, facial rolling can help to alleviate accumulated tension and stress, giving you a relief from even the most pounding of headaches and giving your mood an instant uplift! 

    How to use it?

    While you may be tempted to just roll the cool and blissful facial roller against your face, mastering the technique and applying proper pressure will yield the best results.

    Step #1: While you can use a roller as it is, allowing it to cool in the freezer for a bit before massaging will make the whole relaxing and calming more effective. 

    Step #2: Ensure that your face is completely clean and so is the facial roller. Apply a generous layer of your favourite anti-aging serum, and roll away.

    Step #3: Start with your neck, taking your time to smoothen out any knots you feel, as it will help stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

    Step #4: Next, move on to the rest of your face, ensuring to roll in a gentle upward and outward motion.

    Step #5: Roll from your jawline to the ears and work your way up to your cheekbones. 

    Step #6: While rolling the forehead, ensure to go in an upwards direction and horizontally on your eyebrows. 

    Step #7: Don’t forget to roll your nose, and lips also. 


    Just like I always advise everyone here; always do your research before opting for something new. You never know, something that you think might be just a hype, can prove to be transformational for your skin, like facial rolling has been for me.

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