What are Active ingredients in skincare products?

What are Active ingredients in skincare products?

For someone just starting out, trying to build a skincare routine well suited to their particular skin type, all the skin care terms and ingredients can sound quite overwhelming. Won’t it be easier if someone explained it all in easy to decipher words so that instead of having to learn by trial and error, one can make informed decisions to begin with?

Well, that’s what we’re going to do today, beginning with a term very commonly used, but much less understood; active ingredients.

What are they?

To put it simply: an active ingredient is one that addresses the skin concern it’s meant to target. These are ingredients that have been tested in laboratories and have been proven to have the effect they are meant for. Meaning, they are ingredients that do what they say. 

The aforementioned description might make it sound like the ingredients other than the actives, known as the inactive ingredients, are useless. But that’s obviously not the case. These ingredients help the actives perform their role better. They are carrier ingredients, like water, which is the biggest inactive ingredient in skincare products, and generally have moisturizing and cleansing properties.

What do they do?

Each active ingredient helps with a particular (or several) skin care issue. There is no all-sizes-fit solution so having a thorough understanding about your particular skin care woe, and the active ingredient that will help to tackle the issue most effectively is the only right way to go about it. 

So let’s discuss several common ones, and what each one does best, enabling you to determine what to look for on the label of your next skin care purchase. 


Hailing from the family of retinoids, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is converted to retinoic acid when applied to the skin. Main benefits include the ability to minimize skin damage caused by free radicals including visible signs of early aging such as age spots and pigmentation. It also helps the skin look hydrated, brighter and fuller, by increasing moisture retention. Continued use results in clearer and radiant looking skin as it helps to sloughs away layers of dead skin and unclogs pores.


These are small chain amino acids, forming proteins in the body including collagen, elastin and keratin, giving the skin the coveted youthful and firmer appearance. They are small enough to be easily absorbed into the skin, boosting the production of these proteins, thereby helping to combat signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, and giving it a smooth and soft texture.

Titanium oxide

Working as sunscreen, titanium oxide helps protect the skin from damage caused due to the exposure to harmful UV rays by forming a protective barrier. It blocks absorption of these rays and works effectively in preventing skin cancer.

Vitamin C

It is easily one of the most powerful antioxidants. No wonder it is so frequently a part of skincare products. Most famous for its ability to brighten the skin by reducing hyperpigmentation and evening the skin tone, vitamin C can easily become your best friend if you’re looking for color correcting your skin. It also helps to fight free radicals, slowing down the onset of early aging.

Vitamin E

Naturally found in our bodies, vitamin E has potent anti-inflammatory properties, working wonders in soothing and calming irritated and agitated skin. It can also help moisturize dry skin with its super hydrating capabilities. Its wound healing properties are also quite noteworthy and it has been used for this purpose for centuries. 

Salicylic acid

Extremely effective in the treatment of acne, salicylic acid helps to deep clean any excess oil and gunk out of the skin’s pores. This prevents dirt, oil and grime from clogging the pores, and resulting in acne breakouts. It also reduces swelling and redness and gently exfoliates dead, dry and scaly skin, giving you clearer and radiant looking skin. 

Hyaluronic acid

Everyone is talking about this one, and we really don’t blame them for hyping it up. Hyaluronic acid is truly a star amongst its likes. It is extremely hydrating and moisturizing, giving the skin a plump and youthful appearance by boosting moisture retention. It also boosts collagen production, giving the skin a lifted appearance while also combat signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. 

Actives in Leovard Skincare

Leovard is dedicated to providing simplified, clean and effective skin care solutions, made up of the best quality organic ingredients that are not only suitable for all skin types, but also those that live up to their promise of beautifully transformed skin. 

It contains proprietary herbal extracts and active ingredients, especially the Leovard Lip Luster, which is a powerhouse of several actives including hyaluronic acid, polypeptides, vitamin E and vitamin C. Regular application of this hydrating lip balm will result in soft, smooth, and lusciously plump lips. Other actives such as salicylic acid and lactic acid are found in the Leovard Multicleanser.


Deciphering skin care terminology can seem like alchemy in the beginning. However, thorough research helps one to make informed decisions that can work wonders in soothing, healing and nourishing the skin, enabling you to be your most beautiful, confident and bold self.

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