Types of hair and how to take care of them

Types of hair and how to take care of them

Ever look at women with long, beautiful and luscious hair and envy them for what they’ve been endowed with? We all have at one point. However, it’s important to note here that while genetics does play a huge part in what kind of hair you are born with, hair care plays a huge role in keeping them looking and feeling beautifully glossy, lustrous and smooth. 

And just like skincare, hair care is also a very important part of self care. Your hair deserves to be treated with love, care and attention. Alas, we exploit it to its end, using hot tools, dying it frequently and doing the bare minimum, and then wonder why it looks so dull, limp and damaged. It is only ourselves we can blame for the current condition of our hair. 

If you instantly reached out to touch yours to see if it too is damaged and dry and were disappointed to realize that it is, don’t fret, because the damage is not irreversible (I hope not!). And today we’ll be discussing the different types of hair and how to take care of each. There’s something in here for everyone, so keep on reading!

Different people have different hair types and each type of hair requires certain specific types of products and routines. What might work for someone with curly hair for example, may not for someone with straight hair, and vice versa. 

The hair type of a person depends on a series of factors like including their ethnicity, the coil of the hair and its texture. There are three main types of hair including  straight, wavy and curly hair.

Straight hair 

This is the most common hair type. Straight hair is also low maintenance as it needs fewer styling products compared to the other hair types. They can also be detangled really easily as they don’t have knots and twists unlike other types. However, they are prone to becoming and looking limp if not cared for properly. 

Tips to care for straight hair:

  • Find the right conditioner: If your hair is dry then you should use a moisturising conditioner which will help to keep your hair soft. On the other hand, if you have oily hair you should use a basic conditioner on your ends only. Don’t go over board with the product as this can make your straight hair limp on your head. 

  • Don’t overuse product: Putting too much product on straight hair will weigh it down because of the harsh chemicals often found in many of these products. A point to note here is that overusing products and using ones not meant for your particular hair type can also weaken them and cause them to fall out. Therefore, it is important to choose a product that best suits your hair type and go easy on the amount you dispense for use. 

  • Use a mild shampoo: It is very important to shampoo your hair properly to maintain healthy, happy and straight hair. Washing your hair with a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate which dries out the hair is important to maintain its lustre and shine. Drying ingredients such as sulphates and parabens should be steered clear off and instead one should try to opt for natural and organic products whenever possible. 

  • Avoid brushing wet hair: This is where curly hair and straight hair differ significantly. While curly hair should never be brushed dry, straight hair shouldn’t be brushed wet (more on that later). When you brush your straight hair while it’s wet, it causes the hair to stretch and break. Instead allow your hair to air dry naturally, apply a few drops of a hair serum and then gently brush your hair through any tangles and knots. 

  • Keep your styling simple: Try to avoid heat styling as it can damage your hair excessively. Also, straight and silky hair doesn’t hold an updo for long, so go for something like a high pony tail or side braid instead of applying heat tools like a curling rod, which will not only suck the moisture out of them but also the effort will be in vain. 

Wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy hair then you’re probably the envy of everyone around you. Wavy hair is neither dry and coarse like curly hair nor as fine or prone to getting oily like straight hair. Instead, it’s almost perfect (not that the other hair types aren’t. We’re all perfect, just the way we are. But you get what I’m saying.) It falls in soft waves on your shoulders and is easy to style however you like it. 

Tips to care for wavy hair

  • Balance between moisture and strength: Balancing between moisture and strength is very important because to protect your hair's strength, structure and elasticity is as important as keeping your hair hydrated. When looking for products for your wavy hair look for formulas that contain vital nutrients and silk proteins. They will help to strengthen your hair immensly, and keep it looking ah-mazing!

  • Reduce heat styling: When it comes to hair, heat damages your hair and strips your hair off moisture causing breakage. Blow drying, straightening and hot curling irons can sometimes cause irreversible damage. Also, frequent use of these tools can lead to more hair frizz.

  • Use a leave in conditioner: Wavy hair is prone to a significant amount of frizzing, which is why it’s always recommended to go in with a leave in conditioner after stepping out of the shower. It makes your hair look smooth, helps to reduce flyaways, and keeps the hair looking glossy throughout the day. 

Curly hair 

Unlike straight hair, curly hair lacks moisture and can dry out easily making it more difficult to manage and style. Taking care of your curly hair can be difficult as it is a game of trial and error where everything needs to align perfectly to get defined curls. 


Tips to care for curly hair:


  • Never dry brush your hair: This point is probably the most important when it comes to caring for curly hair. Since this type of hair is extremely prone to getting tangled, brushing it while it’s dry can lead to excessive tugging and pulling. Instead, detangle your hair while you’re in the shower or while it’s still wet using a wide tooth-comb or your fingers

  • Condition A LOT : Look for a thick, deep curl defining conditioner infused with hydrating oils and also other ingredients that help to keep your hair soft. Apply your conditioner before and after shampooing your hair to keep them soft and to detangle your curls. You might want to look into the curly girl method if you want super hydrated and well defined curls. It really is a transformative process.

  • Oiling your hair: Since curly hair is dry and lacks moisture it is very important to oil your hair at least twice a week to keep it hydrated. The Leovard Oil Fusion, a blend of eleven hydrating and nourishing oils makes a perfect choice for all hair types, working wonderfully well for curly hair, lending it the moisture it so desperately needs.


To acquire beautiful hair, one needs to put in quite a significant amount of work, and it all starts with first understanding your hair type and then following it up with a hair care routine that is well suited to it. Once you do so, you will have just the kind of hair you want, in no time at all. 

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