Tips for long and lustrous hair

Tips for long and lustrous hair

If you’ve ever noticed, our mothers and grandmothers used to have beautiful and long hair that often went past their waists. Despite being so long, their hair never looked dull or limp and instead was always lustrous, silky and shiny. 

Most of us on the other hand think twice before letting our hair grow even past our shoulders. While much of this can be attributed to our need to keep our hair care short and simple, owing to our busy lifestyles, it’s also because when we do try to grow our hair out, it never looks as beautiful and luscious as theirs. 

So what did they do right that we aren’t? If you’re interested to know their secret to long hair, and want to learn a few more tips and tricks to grow bouncy and silky locks, keep on reading. 

Eat the right food

I think it goes without saying that what we eat has a huge impact on what our hair looks like. It’s extremely important to feed the hair nutritious food for it to be able to grow out healthier. Incorporate foods like high protein levels in your diet as they are the building blocks of hair. You can get it from meat sources, as well as beans, nuts and whole grains. Vitamins A, C and E, along with minerals such as zinc and iron and omega-3 fatty are also extremely important for growing luscious hair. 

Steer clear of sulphates

If you pick up your shampoo bottle and read the label, it won’t be a surprise if you find sulphates on it. Most shampoos on the shelf contain high amounts of sulphates and parabens, all of which are extremely damaging to the hair. Not only do they strip the hair’s natural moisture, it also leads to scalp irritation and subsequent hair loss and thinning. Instead, switch your regular shampoo for an organic one that is free of harmful toxins, parabens and sulphates. 

Avoid hot showers 

Hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and rough. This can lead to excessive hair breakage, resulting in the inability to grow long hair. It is therefore recommended to wash the hair only two to three times a week, and that too with lukewarm water to help it stay shiny and silky.

Avoid excessive heat

While our mothers used to sleep with hair rollers to get bouncy curls the following day, we reach for hot tools to achieve the look. No doubt the latter is quick and more effective, but it can damage the hair beyond repair, especially if done excessively. So one days that you can, avoid using hot tools. Let your hair air dry and use heat free tools to curl your hair. And if you absolutely must, don’t forget to use a heat protectant to avoid damaged and frizzy hair. 

Avoid coloring your hair 

Women of the previous generation used to color their hair using natural ingredients such as henna, especially in the subcontinent. Not only does that enhance hair growth by repairing and strengthening the hair, it also conditions it, making it soft and smooth. It is also known to help combat dandruff, as well as preventing hair loss. Us on the other hand either color our hair using ammonia containing box dyes, or bleach our hair, both of which can wreak havoc to your hair’s health. 

Oil your hair regularly

If you were to ask your mum her secret to long and beautiful hair, her answer without a doubt would be regularly oiling her hair. I know because it’s my mum’s secret too. Now that this secret is out in the open, we know that oiling the hair has a plethora of benefits. Not only does oiling aid in growing long hair, it also adds shine and luster to them. It lends the hair strength, preventing it from breakage. It also helps tame the hair, helping to prevent frizzy and unruly hair. There isn’t one oil that can be claimed to be the best for hair, instead each has different benefits to offer. For example, while coconut oil deeply conditions the hair, jojoba oil prevents premature aging. Both these oils along with several others make the perfect blend of eleven oils to give you the Leovard Oil Fusion. It’s a multipurpose oil that can help you attain long, luscious hair in just a short while.


Long and luscious hair is the epitome of beauty. It can make a person stand out unlike any other physical feature. However, it’s difficult to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain. However, there’s no reason why with the right habit and products, used consistently, you can’t achieve the most beautiful and bouncy locks.

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