Tips for a gorgeous pout

Tips for a gorgeous pout

Ever since the Kardashians, a plump pout has pretty much become a standard of beauty, resulting in countless people all over the world opting to get lip fillers and implants to achieve the desired look. And while we’re all for doing what you think works best for you, we’d personally avoid getting under the knife for as long as we can. 

But who doesn't want fuller, plumper and luscious lips? Well, it’s obvious; no one! And there are several ways you can do so, which not only cost a fraction of a dime, they’re completely safe, with no down time and little to no aftercare.

So if you’re like us, and looking for safe ways to achieve the coveted, fuller, softer and detectable lips, keep on reading. 

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate 

For any lip plumping and hydrating product to do its job, the lips first need to be prepped by way of exfoliation. While many scrubs can strip off the skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling drier than before, using gentle and hydrating formulations can help you avoid that problem.

In fact, you can make your own hydrating lip scrub using coconut oil and sugar. By removing the buildup of dead skin cells, the product is better absorbed into the skin, leaving your lips looking and feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. 

Apply a plumping lip mask

There’s loads of these available in the market, but not all are equal. Many contain irritants such as cinnamon, pepper and even bee venom. No wonder you feel the tingling and burning sensation. While you think it’s the product doing it’s job, something more sinister is actually happening. These products work by aggravating blood capillaries, causing blood to rush, giving them a fuller appearance. However, this is temporary, and does little good and in some cases may cause an allergic reaction. Instead, opt for products that contain naturally hydrating and plumping ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. 

Incorporate peptides in your lip care 

What are peptides you may wonder? These are small chain amino acids that form the proteins such as collagen and keratin in our bodies. They are essential for the maintenance of the skin’s smooth texture, making them look youthful and radiant. They also fight early signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, by helping to lock in hydration and moisture, giving the skin a plump and supple look. Therefore applying products containing peptides is a safe bet in getting plump looking lips.

Don't skip sunscreen

Being out and about in the sun allows you to soak in the much needed vitamin D. However, excessive sun exposure can cause the lips to become dry and pruny, which is why sunscreen is an absolute must. UV rays also result in the speedup of collagen breakdown and loss, resulting in a loss of volume and suppleness. Therefore, remember to apply a generous layer of SPF 30+ to keep your lips from thinning out as a result of dehydration or dryness.  

Don't forget to take your supplements

As we grow older, our body’s ability to keep up with the production of essentials decreases. This means a reduced ability to produce collagen. This causes the lips to thin out over time. Taking collagen supplements can help to delay the onset of lip thinning by maintaining dermal thickness, improving the skin’s elasticity, and the body’s ability to retain moisture, giving your lips a fuller, softer and luscious appearance. 

The Leovard Effect 

The above are a few ways you can improve the texture and appearance of your lips and achieve a fuller and luscious looking pout. With the Leovard Lip Luster you can achieve this and so much more. Formulated using the hydrating, healing and nourishing hyaluronic acid, the Lip Luster is nothing short of magic. It has the ability to instantly perk up your lips by improving its moisture retention levels. It also promotes the synthesis of collagen, giving your lips a smoother and softer look. The added polypeptides work to give the lips a fuller and supple shape, while the titanium oxide helps to filter out UV rays and protect from sun damage. 

Using the Lip Luster at least twice everyday and immediately after coming out of the shower can help you enjoy softer, plumper and luscious lips sans needles. Not only is it safer, it’s also cheaper, allowing you to feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin.

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