Reasons to switch to cruelty free products

Reasons to switch to cruelty free products

Imagine the pain an adorable little mouse or rabbit had to undergo to bring you your absolute favourite lipstick. As gory and gruesome as it sounds, it's not far from the truth that animal testing is still a huge reality in the make up and skin care industry. 

Not having an alternative to animal testing is no longer an excuse and long gone are the days where finding cruelty free products was a problem. Nowadays many big brands are switching from products that were initially produced by testing on animals to the products that are now cruelty free. 

Companies that test on animals choose to be cruel just because it has the advantage of being low cost. However it’s something that should be put to an end as soon as possible. In fact, governments worldwide are banning animal testing. Many countries like Norway, New Zealand and India have banned testing on animals in order to produce makeup and skin care products. 

So why is a switch to cruelty free products so important?

It's absolutely cruel

Animals that are experimented on are kept in confined cages and inhumane conditions. On top of that they are tortured, burned, blinded and even killed just so that these glorified makeup and skincare products are produced. While testing, it is often ignored that these laboratory animals are also living creatures and deserve the same basic animal rights that pets have. Also it's not just rats that are tested on. Rabbits, cats and even dogs are harmed to test makeup and skincare products.

And there is absolutely no such thing as pain free testing, so do not fall for this trap! 

Better alternatives

There is a common misconception that animal testing is performed to protect the health and ensure the safety of humans using the make up and skincare products. Big companies try to sell their products by promoting this misconception and misguiding their customers who often buy into this lie. The truth is that there are far better alternatives to check the safety of the ingredients. The companies that are inclined towards a cruelty free approach use vitro testing which has many more benefits than animal testing.

Cruelty free products are healthier

Makeup and skincare products include all kinds of harsh and toxic chemicals such as sulphate, parabens and many others that are nothing but hazardous for the body. If you are opting for cruelty free products, you are choosing a healthier and safer skincare routine because cruelty free products are all natural ingredients which can cause little to no negative side effects depending on your skin type. Leovard’s most popular product, Elixir contains all natural ingredients such as water, aloe vera, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B and E, doing wonders for your skin.

Less waste

Going cruelty free is a great opportunity to adopt a minimalist and mindful approach because you would only buy those products that you really need as there are fewer cruelty free options. However, at Leovard, this won’t be a problem as we have all the products that you could need for an exemplary skin care routine, ranging from cleansers and tonics to multi creams and oils.

To relieve one’s conscience

How would you feel about using products that you know have brought a lot of suffering and harm to millions of innocent animals? If you switch to cruelty free products, then you can enjoy flawless skin with a clear conscience as your beatification would not be at the expense of those poor animals who were tortured and killed to bring you the product. 

Making a difference

By switching to cruelty free products you will send a message to those who choose to test on animals that they will lose business unless they stop. If enough people boycott, a revolution can easily be brought in the beauty industry practice of animal testing. 

Leovard is a cruelty free brand having an extensive portfolio of products that you can choose from, so there is really no need to buy from brands that are still testing on animals.


If top notch brands are not considerate about the suffering of innocent animals that are beind used in animal testing, then they do not give a cent about your health and what toxins you put in your body by using their products. All they want is for you to purchase their products and make millions out of these sales. 

However, here at Leovard, we believe in “quality over quantity”. Leovard is your one stop shop to buy all the products that are cruelty free.The skincare and grooming products that Leovard is producing have never been tested on animals. They are free from artificial additives, fragrances and allergens, and are packed with antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins and minerals. 

They are the absolute best you can do for your skin. And for the poor animals.

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