Lymphatic Drainage; A skincare game changer

Lymphatic Drainage; A skincare game changer

To have sculpted and toned features is the desire of every woman out there. Makeup and beauty channels are filled with tips and tricks using skincare tools and products to help you achieve that lifted look. One such way that has stood out in recent times, giving results that seem too good to be true is a lymphatic drainage massage. 

Also dubbed as a non-surgical lift, lymphatic drainage helps you depuff your skin while simultaneously giving the face a noticeable lift. It can also help with other skin concerns such as uneven and dull skin tone, acne and even dark circles. 

What’s more, it’s absolutely loved by Huda Kattan, founder of HudaBeauty and Wishful, someone who is adored and revered by everyone in the world of beauty and skincare. Need I say more to add to the merits of lymphatic drainage? I think not!

If you’re interested to know more about the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage, and how you can easily do it at home, keep on reading. 

Before we get into the details of how this massage technique can transform your face, it’s important to first understand what the lymphatic system entails. 

What is the lymphatic system?

It is a part of the immune system and has a host of functions including the removal of harmful toxins from the tissues in our body, defending it from infection, as well as maintaining appropriate fluid levels. 

The fluid that travels through the lymphatic system, known as lymph, contains vital nutrients as well as oxygen, making it imperative for the healthy functioning of the body and immune system. 

Appropriate functioning of the lymphatic system depends on muscle contraction, diet and exercise. If the fluid is not drained properly back into the bloodstream, it can result in swelling, infection and even fluid build up. 

This is where lymphatic drainage massage comes in. While it can be done for the whole body with benefits that can be mind blowing, today we’ll be focusing on just the facial massage. 

What is a lymphatic drainage face massage?

The gentle and light massage enhances circulation, helping the lymph flow instead of stagnating and building up. This also helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues as well as removing the waste and toxins, giving your face a radiant glow and shine. This technique also helps to smoothen out the connective tissues that become stiff and tight due to unmanaged stress levels, giving your face a smoother appearance. 

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Initially used as a technique to help patients with lymphedema, which is a chronic swelling due to the removal or damage of lymph nodes, it has also proven beneficial for those who were recovering from injuries. 

Adding this technique to your skincare routine can be a game changer in more than one way: 

  • Decreases puffiness
  • The most obvious benefit of lymphatic drainage massage is depuffed skin. Lymph buildup can result in swelling, and this technique is a great way to reduce the puffiness as it helps to drain the excess fluid. We usually wake up with a puffy face, which is why this technique makes a great addition to your AM routine. 

  • Keeps acne breakouts at bay
  • Acne breakouts are not uncommon when you have a stagnant lymphatic system. Waste builds up, leading to inflammation of the skin and ultimately a breakout. A lymphatic drainage massage is therefore a great way to reduce acne as it flushes out waste and toxins from the skin. 

  • Anti aging 
  • The lymphatic system becomes less active with age, resulting in puffy, and sagging skin. Hence, manually manipulating the lymphatic system by way of gently massaging it helps to depuff and deliver the essential nutrient to the cells, keeping it looking youthful and radiant. The technique also releases muscle tension and is beneficial in making wrinkles and fine lines less visible. 

  • Gives your skin a glow 
  • Since the technique helps in the better circulation and delivery of nutrients to the skin cells, it leaves the skin looking glowing and fresh. 

    How to do a lymphatic drainage massage?

    Professionals obviously offer the service but you can easily reap the benefits by doing it yourself at home. The following are a few simple steps that you can follow:

    Prep the skin

    Begin by cleansing your face and complete all the steps of your daily skincare routine. Now opt for a nourishing facial oil, like the Leovard Oil Fusion to add some slip, allowing your fingers to glide smoothly.

    Focus on the neck

    Your neck and shoulders usually have built up tension and stress, and massaging it gently helps to relieve it. Make sure to move upwards from the neck towards the face. 

    Move onto the face

    Now start at your chin and glide your fingers along your jawline towards your ears in a gentle but firm pressure. Move towards the centre of your face, gliding your fingers in an outwards direction. Once you reach the nose, apply gentle pressure and continue moving upwards towards the eyebrows and forehead, ensuring to keep a gentle hand and not putting excessive pressure. Make sure to be careful with that area around the eyes as it is extremely sensitive.

    With time, you’ll be able to master the technique but the difference will be obvious even after your first try. Keep at it, and your skin will transform unlike ever before. 


    Lymphatic drainage massage is an inexpensive (free I’d say!) way to give your face an instant life and glow. It’s also super easy to master, and once you see the results, there’s no going back!

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