A Brand for Humanity

A Brand for Humanity

After years as a practicing surgeon in the U.K., my father retired back to his homeland of Nigeria. He was determined to use his skills to help the country where he was born. It was evident that locals could not afford the ingredients in many of the products he had grown to know for their trusted results.

My father began studying and searching for ingredients grown in West Africa that were powerful and affordable. His passion for helping people and focusing on healthy, natural ingredients inspired me in my own journey. 

Leovard is more than a brand for me. It's a legacy inspired by my father, his dedication to his work and commitment to bettering humanity. I pride myself on bringing you products that work, are consciously sourced and produced. We are here to make a statement that quality products work for all humans, however you identify, and that taking care of yourself can be built into your daily routine.

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