Is shaving the face a good idea?

Is shaving the face a good idea?

“Are you one of those who can’t help but watch in horror as celebrities and influencers shave their faces on camera, and encourage other women to do the same?”

Well, you’re not alone because tons of women steer clear of shaving and are terrified by the idea of putting a razor on any part of their body, let alone their faces. Many can’t seem to wrap their heads around how women with smooth and silky looking skin claim that they shave their faces. “Are they lying?”, they wonder, unable to get over their fear and accepting that shaving the face, especially for women, is misunderstood, and misconstrued. 

Their fear and apprehension is unsubstantiated, and we’re here to tell you why.

Myths about shaving

  • Shaving causes the hair to grow thicker:
  • One of the first reasons given by someone who thinks shaving is a bad idea is that it causes the hair to grow back thicker and darker. However, this is nothing short of absurd! The reason being that each individual’s hair follicles grow at a certain rate and thickness, and shaving cannot and does not alter that. It is entirely a game of genetics. Hair growth may look different after shaving as it causes the hair to grow back blunt, instead of it’s natural taper, making it look a little sharper and more noticeable at best. 

  • Shaving causes rashes and irritation:
  • Another myth about shaving that needs to be busted right away is that it can cause rashes and irritation. Because shaving itself is not the culprit, rather the post shave irritation is caused by several factors, including the use of a dull and worn out razor blade, applying undue pressure, and not following the pre-shave guidelines, including skipping shaving cream and relying on water and soap alone. Infact, some people think it’s completely acceptable to dry shave. It’s not. Not at all. 

  • It makes the skin rough: 
  • Many people try to avoid shaving and prefer other hair removal methods as they believe shaving can cause the skin to become rough. There’s no denying that shaving can result in razor bumps, nips and cuts and uneven skin texture. However, the secret to getting a smooth shave lies in how one does it, the tools one uses, and the post shave products applied. For best results, apply a generous amount of shaving cream and lather it up. Use a good quality razor and shave in the direction of the hair growth. Apply a calming, soothing and hydrating treatment like the Leovard post shave Tonic to prevent irritation, redness and razor bumps. 

  • It can cause ingrown:
  • Ingrown hair is not limited to shaving, as waxing too can cause them. However, avoiding them and having smooth skin post hair removal shouldn’t be elusive. The simple trick is to exfoliate dead skin before shaving to ensure all the hair is removed, preventing any ingrown hair. 

    Now that we have the most common myths busted, let’s get into the benefits of shaving the face, especially for women!


    Benefits of shaving  

    • Exfoliates the skin: The first benefit of shaving is the exfoliation it provides to the skin. Not only does it remove unwanted hair, it also removes the less obvious peach fuzz. It also sloughs of dead skin cells, dirt, grime and excess oil, giving your skin the much needed exfoliation. 


    • Gives smoother skin: With the dead skin, peach fuzz and unwanted hair removed, it goes without saying that your skin will now look and feel smoother and silkier. It also gives the skin a brighter and fresher complexion, adding to its glow and radiance. 


    • Increases absorption of products: One of the lesser known benefits of shaving is the fact that with the skin now resembling a fresh canvas, the absorption and hence the effectiveness of skin care products multiplies manifold. 


    • Seamless makeup application: The smooth and even skin texture means that makeup now goes on smoothly, giving you an outstanding and flawless application. The amount of product you need to use to attain your desired look is also reduced. It’s really a win-win. 


    • Fuss free: Last, but not the least, shaving is undoubtedly cheaper, pain free and fuss free compared to other methods of hair removal, including waxing, threading and laser. Men have been doing it for centuries, and now that we’re finally talking about equality, why stay back when it comes to shaving? 


    Shaving the face for women is finally catching up, and for good reason. Not only does it help to get rid of facial hair and peach fuzz, it also provides exfoliation of dead skin cells, removes excess oil, helps to brighten the complexion and gives a smoother skin texture. Infact, legend has it that some of the most beautiful women in history, including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Queen Elizabeth, shaved their faces. So if you’re still contemplating whether to take the plunge, go for it.

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