Insta-Worthy Pictures to Grow Your Lip Filler Business

Insta-Worthy Pictures to Grow Your Lip Filler Business

Cosmetic surgery has been one of the fastest growing industries since the 1980s but its peak started when our favorite celebrities started to use them to redefine their features. A bit of a tweak here and there enhanced their beauty while keeping things looking natural and not too over the top. However, influencers and celebrities have been quite open about the reality of the procedures; the face doesn’t look exactly how it’s been portrayed in the media, especially right after the procedure is performed. 

The procedure can sometimes be botched up, and even if it has been performed safely, it is absolutely normal for the face to look swollen and bruised for a while before it begins to take the desired look. The swelling subsides within a few days with little inflammation and scarring that eventually resolves itself on its own too. 

One of the most common, fast, and significantly pain free surgeries includes getting lip fillers. With age, it’s natural for the lips to start thinning and lip fillers could help you get the volume and fullness back. Only one session with your surgeon can provide you those plumped and hydrated lips you regularly see on your Instagram feed. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are the most common and safest lip fillers to be used by many surgeons because as the name suggests they contain the "the hydrating booster” hyaluronic acid which not only hydrates your lips but also makes them plumper, fuller and healthy.

In recent times, social media has enabled the growth of the cosmetic industry tremendously. It has enabled cosmeticians and aestheticians globally to show that cosmetic surgery can provide comparatively permanent and faster results than any other remedies or exercises would do. Especially, the before and after pictures of the surgeries not only helps them to get more clients but also let’s people around the world see for themselves how even a simple cosmetic surgery could change their entire look in a better way. The before and after pictures help to bring in more clients who have seen the advertisement on social media and want the same look.  

But post surgery doesn't look exactly what you would expect your lips to look like. Your lips are swollen and bruised from all the punctures those lip filler injections have caused. Repeated injections can also often cause dryness and chapping of your lips. This is one of the most important side effects that doctors see their patients suffering from post op. 

The before and after pictures that the cosmetic surgeons ask to take are mostly so that they could be used to expand their business by posting them on different social media platforms including Instagram. However, those pictures won't be of any use if taken with the bruises and swelling. To combat that, cosmetic surgeons use a lip balm or ointment to hydrate and fill in all those holes caused by the injections. Most of the time these ointments and balms work quite well but not only are they pricey but also leave your lips feeling greasy with an off putting odor. 

The Leovard Lip Luster is a clear odourless lip balm, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness, swelling and also chances of bacterial contamination immediately after the procedure. It not only provides a kick start to the healing process of your lips post lip fillers but also hydrates them so they can last much longer, leaving you with the most luscious plumpness to the lips and the surgeon with some Insta-worthy pictures to grow their lip filler business. 

The Leovard Lip Luster is therefore a favorite amongst many cosmeticians, aestheticians and plastic surgeons like Dr. Brian, who not only uses it on his patients but also recommends its continued use post op for a few days. Infact, he believes that the Lip Luster makes a perfect Thank-you gift for the patients. 

Take away:

So if you’re a cosmetic practitioner and looking to get attractive pictures of the surgery you’ve performed, in hopes of growing your business or you’ve just gotten fillers done and want to extend their life, the Leovard Lip Luster is just for you. 

This perfect aftercare lip balm contains the hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid as its primary ingredient, helping to prevent the lips from drying out and getting chapped. It also contains titanium oxide, polypeptides and botanical oils including jojoba oil and castor oil to help heal the lips and reduce bruising and swelling while leaving the lips plumped and hydrated, giving you insta-worthy pictures to grow your business tremendously.

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