Importance of good skin care for black skin

Importance of good skin care for black skin

Wonder why the cleanser that makes your friend’s skin glow, makes your skin break out? 

Well, it’s because both of you have skin with different and unique needs. This means that what works for her may not work for you. Instead, your skin needs to be cared for in a way that will help nourish it and will help to maintain its glow and radiance. Simply trying to replicate someone else’s skincare regime, expecting it to work for you is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. 

For example, if you have black skin, and you google ‘Skin care routine for glowing skin’ and start doing what the first blog mentions to the T, without realizing that it was probably written by a girl with fair skin, your skin is bound to act up. 

Because what works for white skin most probably won’t work for black skin because the latter contains more melanin, making it more prone to inflammation and injury. Skin problems such as acne, dark spots and some serious ones such as eczema are also more common in people with dark skin and hence it needs to be cared for appropriately. 

If you have dark skin, it becomes imperative to have a skin care routine in place that is especially tailored to cater to these issues and to ensure that it’s not just a replica skincare routine of what works for your fair-skinned friend or colleague. 

Why is a proper skincare routine important for black skin?

Everyone must have a proper skincare regime in place to ensure that their skin is taken care of. As black skin contains more melanin, making it more prone to inflammation, it can lead to pigmentation, uneven skin tone and scarring. Let’s look at some of the skin care concerns that are found in black skin.

  • Acne: According to research, black skin behaves differently when they break out. Acne scars are more apparent on black skin and tend to take longer to fade away.
  • Dark circles: While this is an inherited trait, it is found more in people who have darker skin. The dark under eye circles are more obvious, making the rest of the complexion look dull.
  • Hyperpigmentation: One of the most common skincare issues in black skin is that of hyperpigmentation, which is dark spots caused due to sun exposure, injury or some sort of trauma to the skin. 

  • All these oft occurring skin problems and several more such as ingrown hair and razor bumps make it important that black skin be cared for and nourished by way of an effective skincare routine. 

    How to build a skincare routine for black skin?

    One of the crucial parts of creating a proper skin care routine is the correct order of the regimen. For example, a moisturizer should not be used before washing your face because it will clog your pores and will reduce its effectiveness. 

    Following are the steps that should be followed in the skin care routine:

    • Cleanse: Cleansing the face should be the very first step of your skin care regime. It washes away all the toxins and the dirt that gathers onto your skin throughout the day. By cleansing at least twice every day, you can prevent clogging of the pores and keep breakouts at bay. The Leovard Multicleanser is made from natural ingredients and contains various antioxidants which prove to be a wonderful remedy for multiple skin problems such as acne and blemishes which are a common problem for people with black skin.
    • Tone: Toning is one of the most important steps of any skin care routine but often the most skipped one. Toner is a product that helps remove leftover dirt, makeup and oil from your skin and prepping it for the later steps to be more effective. 
    • Hydrate: Using a facial serum will give your skin the extra hydration that it needs and a more youthful appearance. The use of the facial serum will help in reducing the appearance of dark spots that are commonly found in black skin. The Leovard Serum makes a great choice for a refreshing and hydrating one!  
    • Moisturize: moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! It can not be emphasised enough how important moisturizing is for your skin. It is the key to having a youthful and radiant skin and it helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. moisturizing black skin is very important because it tends to lose moisture more quickly than lighter skin tones.
    • Protect: It is a common misconception that black skin doesn’t require sunscreen because it contains more melanin which offers protection. However, this is not true because all skin types need protection from the sun. So this step is a must for any skin care routine and should be applied religiously.

    Benefits of having a good skin care routine 

    Taking care of your skin has many benefits and for black skin includes a reduced risk of skin cancer as people with black skin are at a higher risk of developing aggressive forms of skin cancer. It also results in a delay of premature aging, improved skin texture and a brightening of skin complexion, making black skin look absolutely beautiful and radiant in all its glory. 


    Each skin color is beautiful, and when we learn to embrace ourselves just the way we are, we glow and bloom differently. And the first step to loving yourself and your skin is by giving yourself the time, effort, love and affection it deserves.

    So start today. Start right now. 

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