How to wear bold lip colors

How to wear bold lip colors

Whether it’s a Saturday night look or a Monday meeting where you need the extra confidence, a bold lip is essential to evoke your inner baddie. Nude, red, purple, pink, or even black, there are a million different ways you can style your look with that extra touch of glamour on the lips. However, handling such sass does come with a lot of struggle and you can end up with a flop lip rather than a boss lip. This blog is your perfect guide to finding your way through the maze of achieving the perfect bold lip. 

So what are some tips to remember while going for bold lips?

A lip can either make or break your entire makeup look but that doesn’t mean one cannot experiment or go wild when they need to. The rest of your makeup should always come in line with the star of the show. Here are a couple of ways you can execute the rest of your makeup to bring the whole look together:

  • You can always go simple. You can never go wrong with a very simple, no-makeup look paired with a bold lip of any color or design.
  • If you want a little drama, you can experiment with different eyeliner designs, for example, cat eye, under-eye liner, or even go ahead with a double wing. 
  • Another way to go about this can also be done by pairing your lip with your eye shadow. You can either contrast or match the two in order to make them complement each other and make the look stand out. This can be in any color or design of your choosing. 
  • A simple shimmery eyeshadow with a sharp contour and chiseled face can also be a good match for a bold lip. 
  • Let’s not leave out blush. A play with blush to match the lips will also help you to make those lips pop. 

While there are many ways to go about this, you should ensure that there is a balance between all the elements instead of going overboard in an attempt to highlight all or most of the features. Because when it comes to sporting bold lips, less is more when it comes to the rest of the makeup. 

How to perfect bold lips?

Once you’re done beautifying the rest of your face, you pick up that lip brush and start painting your canvas. However, let's not forget that the key to achieving the perfect lips lies in the care you give to them before any product is applied. Hence, the first step is to moisturize them and the Lip Luster is your holy grail for this part. 

The Leovard Lip Luster contains hyaluronic acid (HA) which is extremely nourishing and hydrating, making it perfect to prep your lips. HA is already present in the skin and it works by absorbing moisture from the environment to keep your lips healthy, fresh, and youthful. This allows the Lip Luster to act as a primer, helping to plump up the lips, ever so subtly and naturally, making them smooth and luscious and giving your bold lip color the oomph and drama that you’re aiming for. 

Once you’re done with the most important step, the rest will be a smooth ride. 

What next?

First, you have to outline those lips with the shade you have in mind. If you like, you can overline or even underline them according to your lip shape and preference. The lining makes the look neater and the lips fuller (if that’s what you’re aiming for). 

Next, you take your lip brush and fill the lips in with the shade of your choosing. For an ombré, go for darker corners and lighter centers or vice versa depending on your look. Make sure to align your lip liner with the ombré colors as well.

If color is not simply enough for you, go ahead and add rhinestones, or even a little pattern or design by using a very thin liner brush. If you want a plumper look or are just in the feel for it, you can even add gloss on top. If you’re aiming for a more matte look, take a tissue paper and put it between your lips to take off the excess product from your lips. Then, put a tissue over your lips again and brush loose powder all over them to seal in the color and achieve a matte finish.

Last but not the least, top the look off with a hint of highlighter on the cupid’s bow to attract all eyes to the effort you just put in. Finally, you’re done. 

Now you can snap some pictures and walk out that door looking and feeling fabulous. Don’t forget to keep your Lip Luster with you; the secret ingredient to the perfect bold lip that you can flaunt all day and night.

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