How to use castor oil for skin and hair?

How to use castor oil for skin and hair?

It’s every woman’s dream to have glowing skin and healthy hair. One magical product that can help us achieve this is castor oil. It’s not chemical laden, absolutely natural and also an age old remedy for solving skin and hair related issues. It’s a pure and simple way to achieve supple skin and beautiful hair. 

So why exactly is castor oil good for you? 

This oil has a high level of Vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9, proteins and a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. All these powerful ingredients make it a fantastic beauty product that every household should have! An oil packed with some of the best ingredients, holding anti-bacterial properties and consisting of the magic that can help your skin and hair become healthy unlike ever before. 

Keep reading to find out some of the benefits of castor oil for both skin and hair. 

Benefits for Castor Oil for Skin and Hair: 

Helps fight Acne 

Whenever most people hear the word ‘oil’, they link it to acne. However, this is a myth. In fact, our skin needs a good amount of moisture to keep it supple and healthy. Applying castor oil to the skin will not only help it restore its moisture, it will also aid in fighting acne. This is because castor oil has antibacterial properties that help heal the skin, reduce inflammation and redness and fight skin infections too. 

Acts like an Anti-Ageing Product 

The best thing about castor oil is that it penetrates into the skin and helps in increasing the production of collagen. This is the key chemical when it comes to preventing aging. It’s like the powerhouse for healthy and hydrated skin. The more the skin is hydrated and supple, the less it will age and wrinkle. So using castor oil to keep your skin looking youthful will never go wrong. What’s more, you can apply it under your eyes to prevent crow’s feet and creasing of the skin around the eyes. 

Remedy for Dry Skin 

Castor oil acts as a relief for itchy, scaly and dry skin. It locks in moisture underneath the skin so is beneficial in winters when almost everyone faces rough skin due to dryness. It works by restoring lost moisture and its oily texture soothes the skin that is already dry and irritated because of the winter season. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which helps in calming down inflamed skin which is also a result of dryness. 

Helps Restore Hair Shine 

Castor oil helps your hair look luscious and shiny, helps to deal with hair dryness, and even reduces frizz. This makes the hair look smooth and even makes it look shiny and silky. When applied to the hair, it helps moisturize the hair shaft and hair follicles which decrease the damage caused by harsh hair shampoos, hair dyes and pollution. 

Prevents Hair Loss 

Hair loss can be a frightening experience. Whether it’s because of aging or the aftermath of an illness, it is equally troublesome. However, because of the nourishing ingredients castor oil contains, it not only helps prevent hair loss but it also miraculously works on ensuring the growth of new follicles. It is truly a wonder for people dealing with hair loss. 

Helps fight Dandruff 

If you have dandruff, you know how much of a problem it is! Itchy and dry scalp coupled with the  embarrassment of it being seen on your clothes are some of the most irritating things about having dandruff. With castor oil’s soothing properties, dandruff will be gone in no time. Its regular use has shown that the scalp becomes hydrated and dandruff eventually starts to disappear. 

Recommended ways to use Castor Oil: 

Apply on clean skin at night 

Castor oil is safe to use on clean, washed skin as a moisturizer. It is recommended to use at night as a replacement to your moisturizer so one can soak in most of the nutrients in the oil during sleeping. 

Mix with your daily moisturizer

For use at day time, you can easily mix one or two drops of castor oil in your daily moisturizer so that it does not make your skin excessively oily. 

Use it as an eye cream

Castor oil is the perfect replacement for eye cream because it helps with collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So use it as your eye cream at night to reap its maximum in benefits. 

Use it as a hair mask

The best way to use castor oil for dry, damaged and dandruff ridden hair is to apply it on the scalp and all the way down to the tips of the hair. Castor oil takes some time to work its magic so leave it overnight and wash it the next day! 

Take Away

Castor oil is a magical ingredient that should be an essential staple in all homes because of the extraordinary wonders it can do for one’s skin and hair. The Leovard Oil Fusion is a blend of eleven oils, each with healing, soothing and nourishing properties. Amongst these is the miraculous castor oil, working its magic to give you softer and smoother hair and skin. So that you can be comfortable and confident unlike ever before.

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