How to Repair Damaged Skin

How to Repair Damaged Skin

Did you know that our skin is our body’s largest organ and the first that comes in contact with the world around us? 

Our skin endures a lot and we often forget that. Every single day, our skin acts like a barrier and protects us from pollution, ultraviolet rays, infection and dehydration. Perhaps this is why we owe it to our skin to be gentle and kind towards it by taking proper care of it. Before we get to what we can do to restore our skin’s barrier and manage damaged skin, let’s take a look at the most common culprits of skin damage and focus on what we can do to avoid them. 

The most common triggers of skin damage can be divided into two distinct categories: internal triggers and external triggers. 

Internal triggers are natural, hereditary and influenced by our genes. Because of this, we can’t directly control these intrinsic processes but we can address these triggers through adopting preventive skin-care practices. 

Internal Triggers


This causes decreased sebaceous activity in the skin which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin loses elasticity as we age and this makes it lose the ability to snap back into place after our facial expressions. Thus, when you’re not even frowning or laughing, people are still likely to see our wrinkles and fine lines because of the aging process of our skin. 

Uneven Melanin Production 

Melanin is the chemical in our skin that gives color to it. At times, the melanin production is significantly increased which results in hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots. How is the skin damaged this way, one may ask? It starts to discolor and dark skin is more prone to become affected by sun rays and UV damage. 

Next, we come to external triggers and the good news about these is that they can be controlled by changes you make in your lifestyle and skin-care habits. 

External Triggers

Smoking, Drinking and Unhealthy Diet 

Eating and drinking habits affect the skin and damage it in various ways. Oily foods produce excessive sebum which makes the skin extremely oily. Smoking dehydrates the skin which makes it look severely dull and even gray at times. A smoker’s skin is also prone to wrinkle easily when compared to a non-smoker’s skin. 

Sun Exposure

Damage caused by sun exposure is perhaps the most common and greatest trigger. The UV rays of the sun affect the natural skin barrier by breaking down elastin and collagen in our skin which helps it look smooth. Moreover, excessive exposure to sunlight may also cause skin burns, skin rashes, pigmentation and in extreme cases, even skin cancer. 

Exposure to Pollutants and Irritants 

With pollution increasing every day, it is very likely for the skin to be affected by the pollutants in the air and atmosphere. Smoke and smog from traffic, irritants and chemicals in laundry detergents and dishwashing soaps can also cause the skin to become dry, irritated and scaly. In these cases, the skin starts breaking out, becomes discolored and even looks dehydrated. 

So what can we do about damaged skin? No one wants dehydrated, dull, dry skin, right? Keep reading to find out how you can take control of your skin-care starting from today!

Repairing Damaged Skin

Making Healthy Choices- Food, Drink, Exercise

When it comes to repairing skin damage, it is necessary to make healthy eating and drinking choices for the long-term health and improvement of your skin. Eating fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants radically improves skin conditions. Staying hydrated also helps to improve the texture of your skin to make it look healthier and fuller. Moreover, including exercise in your routine helps to improve blood circulation of your body which in-turn helps in the repairing of the skin barrier. So don’t forget to make healthy choices, they go a long way!

Choose Skincare Products with Antioxidants 

Antioxidants really help your skin glow and heal from damage. Some of the best ones for healthy skin are Vitamin C and Vitamin E which help in brightening and healing dry skin respectively. Leovard’s Elixir is a unique roll-on antioxidant boost which is easy to use and helps repair damaged skin. 

Use a Facial Oil

One can’t underestimate the power of daily moisturizers but did you know that facial oils are a workhorse when it comes to repairing skin because they’re a source of natural nutrients? Leovard’s Oil Fusion is a combination of 11 natural oils which help improve skin texture, complexion and even hydrate the skin. What’s better than moving away from synthetic oils and making use of natural oils?

Make Sunscreen Your Best friend

UV rays from the sun cause the most damage when it comes to the skin, so it is important to make use of a good sunscreen in our everyday routines. A broad spectrum sunscreen will not only protect you from both UVA and UVB sun-rays but will also help improve your overall skin condition as it will become a shield against sun damage.  

Take Away

With the understanding of the causes of skin damage and the ways we can deal with it, it is clear that before worrying and going into panic, we can take control of our skin situation. So with a little extra attention, love and care for our skin, we too can shine bright. Remember to trust the process, because all good things take time, but they’re worth the wait.

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