How to get even skin tone for black skin

How to get even skin tone for black skin

Black skin in all its glory is nothing short of beautiful. It’s almost as if it reflects light, glistening and radiant. And it goes without saying that it has been under-appreciated for a considerable part of history. Shunned even, because it was so different from what white and pale skinned people were used to.

But not anymore. 

Black beauty is finally making waves, with products and skincare lines especially formulated to cater to their specific needs, which I should mention, vary considerably from the needs of lighter skin. While research was previously limited, dermatologists are now well-versed in skin problems and issues related to black skin, and now we as people of color are finally beginning to understand our own skin better. 

And it is this understanding that has brought forth a resounding truth; black skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation than any other skin type. It already contains a large amount of melanin, and when it suffers injury, trauma or heals from an acne bout, it leaves behind in its wake, darker skin patches. While anyone can suffer from hyperpigmentation, these patches are not only more prominent on darker skin, but also more stubborn, resulting in a less than even and clear skin tone. 

So if you’re interested in learning more about how you can get clearer and more even skin, keep on reading. 

  • Exfoliate

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this one, because surely exfoliation can not be the solution to every skin problem. But hear me out for a bit. Exfoliation is a great way to gently slough off dead skin cells and in turn help fade and lighten scars and hyperpigmentation. So while it won’t completely do away with the pigmentation (nothing will, if I’m completely honest), it’ll definitely help to brighten the skin’s complexion and even it out over time. The Leovard Multicleanser contains papaya extract, known for not only its exfoliating abilities, but also lends it the brightening that it lacks. This brings us to our next point.

  • Use a brightening serum

A serum, one that contains antioxidants as well as brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea and ginger can really help with hyperpigmentation, working its magic to promote a more even and healthier skin tone. There are tons of options available, all of which are great at what they do. The Leovard Serum itself is packed with antioxidants and several skin brightening ingredients, helping to not only fade acne spots and hyperpigmentation, but also promote an overall youthful radiance and glow. 


  • Spot treatment

Sometimes the stubborn problem areas need a little more attention, and that’s where spot treatment comes in. Tea tree oil extract has been proven to be exceptionally effective in helping to reduce and remedy hyperpigmentation, especially the kind that just won’t budge. Applying a few drops of diluted tea tree oil on trouble areas will prove to be fruitful. If you think your skin won’t be able to tolerate the potency, try the Leovard Elixir, containing the same, along with other healing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Its roll on bottle makes targeted application super easy and convenient, and the results will leave you mind-blown. 

  • Try a chemical peel

Another proven way to reduce hyperpigmentation is to get a chemical peel. All salons offer the service and it is quite safe if done by a trained aesthetician or dermatologist. A chemical peel helps to remove the upper layer of the skin that has the scarring and hyperpigmentation, revealing smoother, clearer and brighter skin.

  • Give tanning a shot

Yes, you read that right, black women (and men) can also get tanning done for a more even looking skin tone. I’m not talking about laying under the sun for a tan, instead a spray tan is what you need for lovely, glowing and bright skin. Tanning for people of color is finally catching up, with tons of products available on the shelf. So give it a shot and see the results for yourself. 


Melanin-rich skin, a.k.a black skin is beautiful in its own unique way. However, it comes with its own set of skin problems that are different from those of lighter skinned people. Hyperpigmentation is one such issue, which although affects everyone, is most prominent in people of color. With a skin care routine especially designed for black skin in place, along with incorporating the aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to promote a more even skin tone in no time!

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