Fragrance in a skincare routine

Fragrance in a skincare routine

Who doesn't love a hydrating hand cream that smells of wonderful berries, or a body moisturizer that instantly transports you to an exotic island owing to its wonderful scent of coconuts and pineapples? 

Well, the answer is no one! In fact, for many of us, the entire experience of skincare is made almost therapeutic and calming owing to the sweet smelling formulation of the products we just can’t seem to get enough of! 

But at what expense? Definitely at our skin’s health and safety!

Fragrances in skincare products are not as innocent and harmless as one might think, and have the potential to make or break a product’s reputation of being safe and effective for all skin types.

Not sure what I mean? Continue reading to find out. 

What is Fragrance?

Fragrance in skincare is any component that lends the product a distinct smell that is appealing and good. 

There are two categories of fragrances: natural and synthetic.


Natural fragrances are those that are extracted from their natural sources such as lemon and lavender. Unlike synthetic fragrance, natural fragrance is not made in labs and is therefore harmless. However, the downside of natural fragrances is that they may not last as long as synthetic fragrances. 


Synthetic fragrances are those fragrances that are developed in the lab. They are further divided into two types: semi synthetic, which means that only a small portion of the fragrance is developed in the lab, whereas the rest is natural, and fully synthetic, that is it is entirely artificial and hence more toxic. Many brands use synthetic fragrance instead of natural ones because synthetic fragrance tends to last longer than natural. 

Fragrance in skincare products is a controversial topic with a lot more going on behind the scenes than might be apparent at first glance. Sure, for some people scents can be calming and therapeutic, however for some skin types, especially those with sensitive skin, can suffer quite a bit from artificially scented products as they can lead to irritation, redness and inflammation.

Another point of concern when it comes to fragrance in skincare is that It is tough to determine how much of it is in a product and due to lack of regulations, brands get away with not disclosing the amount and even the type of fragrance they use. Instead, they just mention ‘fragrance’ on their ingredient list, causing undue harm to more than just a few people out there who continue to use their product, unaware of the damage it is causing their skin. 

Why are skincare products fragranced?

Fragrances are known for improving your mood,  making you feel relaxed and just making your overall skincare routine a good experience. However, there is no direct or overt reasoning for the products to be fragranced. 

Usually, brands add fragrance in the products to cover up the unpleasant smell of some of the other ingredients that are present in the product. Products having a good smell can also be a plus point for many brands because people are attracted to the enticing smelling products rather than to one with no smell at all. 

Is fragrance bad for your skin?

According to many researches, fragrance is a major cause for different allergic reactions of the skin. Fragrance in the skincare products had led to many people suffering from rashes, irritation and redness. Many people have also complained about suffering from migraines and respiratory issues due to the use of artificially fragranced products. Fragrance in skincare products can also lead to hormonal imbalance in the body when absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. 

These issues become pronounced when used by individuals who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. People with inflammatory skin problems such as eczema and rosacea are also harmed by such products as they can cause flare ups to become more frequent and severe.  

How to avoid products that are fragranced?

  • Always check the ingredient list at the back of the product. If you find something that you are unsure about, do a quick check on the internet to find out if it is safe to use or not. 
  • Make sure to choose brands that are transparent in disclosing what ingredients are present in their products and whether that product is safe for you to use and for the environment. 
  • Opt for products that are natural and organically derived as they are less likely to contain harmful additives such as artificial fragrances and instead make use of natural fragrance sources. 

If you are looking for products that are completely free of artificial fragrances, Leovard can easily become your number one choice. Leovard products are made from all organic and natural ingredients and are completely free of artificial fragrance, fillers and allergens while also being packed with antioxidants, minerals, superfoods and vitamins. The products are also cruelty free as they are never tested on animals which is definitely a plus! 

You can find a wide range of products in our skincare line, and can choose any one without fear of being caught unaware of an artificial fragrant in the formulation as all ingredients are derived from organic sources. The few that we use are camphor oil, peppermint extract and sweet orange oil which are harmless yet smell divine. 


Like any other ingredient, fragrance is also complicated  and completely dependent on your skin type. If you’re someone with a normal skin type, you might get away unharmed after using such a product. However, it is best to steer clear of such products and opt for ones that are natural and organic and will be a conscious and healthy choice for your skin in the long run.  

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