Easy ways to detox your body

Easy ways to detox your body

Over the years, people have used various ways to naturally detox their bodies. Ancient cultures in Asia and Europe have practised cleansing techniques in order to improve the balance between the body and the mind. Even today, people try out different ways to detox their bodies in order to look and feel their best. However, modern day diet plans do little to nothing in detoxifying the body because these diets contain a lot of processed food which over the time causes toxins to build up in the body. 

So what is detoxification?

Detoxification means cleansing of the blood. This is done by removing the impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are stored for elimination. Detoxification not only removes the toxins from the body, it also enhances the immune system which makes it stronger to fight any chronic diseases that can develop in the body and harm it. Detoxification leads to a healthy mind, lean and fit body and soft and glowing skin which everyone wants.

If you’re interested to learn about some easy ways to detox your body, keep on reading!

Detox with exercise

Exercise trumps the list of the most effective ways to detox the body. When we exercise, the increased movement stimulates our body, opening up the sweat glands and helps to cleanse the body through perspiration. Regular exercising increases blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. Lymph is a clear fluid containing white blood cells that flows through the body, and allows the lymph nodes and liver to cleanse the bodily fluids. During exercise, it is important to keep yourself hydrated as it allows the kidneys to perform their job of filtering out the toxins easily. When you regularly exercise, your digestive system also improves. With a healthy digestive system, the body is less likely to suffer from indigestion, gas and constipation which helps in better waste removal. 

Detox with a balanced diet

Exercise alone will not help in the detoxification of the body. Cleaning up your diet by cutting out certain items is another way to eliminate toxins from your body. These days, people are trying out different detox diets that claim to eliminate toxins from the body. However, all these diets are usually for the short term only. The proper way to detox your body is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes clean eating with a proper workout regime and a proper sleep pattern.

According to a well known nutrition expert, the best way to detox the body is to cut down all those items from your diet that cause inflammation. Some of the inflammation causing foods are: 

  • Alcohol : Drinking too much alcohol can cause the liver to be seriously damaged by causing inflammation and scarring. This hinders the liver to perform its functions properly which include eliminating toxins and other waste from the body.
  • Sugary and processed foods :Consuming too much of sugar and processed food can hinder your body from naturally detoxifying your body by causing harm to the organs that play an important role in detoxification, such as the liver and kidney. 

Now coming to the food items that help in the natural detox of the body:

    • Lemons: Almost every detox diet encourages the use of lemons. They are full of vitamin C, an antioxidant that is great for the skin and fights off the free radicals. The best way to start your day is to drink hot water with a freshly squeezed lemon in it. This will remove all the toxins and cleanse your system.
  • Beetroot: Beetroot is packed with iron, magnesium and vitamin C and is said to have many health benefits. Beetroot is great for hair, skin and cholesterol levels. Not only that, it also helps the liver perform its role of detoxification. To benefit from it, the best way is to drink fresh beetroot juice or add it in a salad, which will not only prove to be healthy but will also add a pop of colour in your salad.

  • Detox with body massage

    A lesser known way to detox the body, but a personal favorite is a detox massage. It helps to get rid of the toxins from the body and promotes physical and mental well being. A detox massage improves the blood circulation of your organs, tissues and muscles. During a massage, the toxins are squeezed out from the cells and muscle fibres and are flushed out more easily. Here at Leovard, we have the best product that can be used to detox the body through a detox massage, giving you a sense of calm and serenity unlike ever before. Our very own Oil Fusion which contains eleven premium botanical oils such as pure coconut oil, organic hemp oil, pure jojoba oil and many more. All these oils are derived from organically grown plants, they are not toxic to your body even if you were to consume them. These botanical oils are high in antioxidants which helps the skin to look radiant and healthy.

    Some of the benefits of these botanical oils are as follows:

    • Jojoba oil is one of those oils that are not sticky and greasy which is often a turn off for many clients as they take forever to absorb into the skin. Massages with jojoba oil leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and conditioned.
    • Hemp oil is often used in massages as it relieves the stress and tension from the body. It also contains antioxidants and fatty acids which helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. It is often a point of concern that massages with certain oils can clog the pores. However, hemp oil is a skin moisturiser that does not clog the pores, giving you silky and smooth skin.


    Be it an actual bodily detox by exercising, eating right, massage or a mental detox in the form of a digital detox where you take a break from the mindless scrolling on social media, or a nature detox, where you go out into the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of life to get in touch with you soul and spirit, in today’s day and age, a detox every once in a while is important to reset and re-energise the body to be able to enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

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