Common skin problems in black skin

Common skin problems in black skin

Skincare is confusing as it is. Add to it a bit of melanin, and it becomes an entirely different ball game altogether. Part of it is due to the fact that people with black skin have been marginalized for a great portion of history, with their skin and medical issues given less preference in terms of research. 

But now, with people of color claiming their rightful place in the society, and demanding that they be seen for who they are; regular people with just an extra dash of melanin in their skin, we’re beginning to learn more and more about black skin each day. And today’s agenda is just that; discussing common skin problems faced by people with darker skin tone and the simple remedies to better manage them. 

So let’s get right into it, shall we? 

What makes black skin different? 

Before we get into the details of the common skin problem of black skin, let’s first understand what makes it different from other skin types. 

Black skin has more melanin than other skin types. Melanin is a pigment that not only gives the skin its color but also serves a protective function by reducing the incidence of sunburn. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes, present in the lower layer of the skin. These melanocytes then package the melanin into what are called melanosomes, which are then transferred into the skin cells. 

What are some common black skincare problems? 

  • Hyperpigmentation

You know those dark spots left behind once the acne clears up? Yeah, that’s what hyperpigmentation looks like. It can develop due to a number of reasons including acne, burns and even sun exposure and not only does it result in an uneven skin tone, it can take a huge toll on your confidence. So what can you do to avoid it? For starters, wear sunscreen religiously because that alone can make a huge difference in how your skin appears. Also, opt for products containing ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, ginger and turmeric, all of which are known to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, giving the skin a clearer and radiant glow. The Leovard Tonic contains all these, and much more, making it a perfect pick me up if you’re looking for something to better manage your hyperpigmentation.


  • Razor bumps

They are such a sore sight and can be quite painful as well. These are a common occurrence in black skin as people with darker skin have thicker hair, which tends to coil and curl inward when cut using a razor. The hair begins to grow inward in the skin, leading to bumps on the skin. These ingrown hair can also become inflamed, resulting in an infection. One of the best remedies for keeping ingrown hair and razor bumps at a minimum is using tea tree oil. Not only does it help heal but also prevents future ingrowns from developing. The Leovard Elixir, containing the ingredient, is therefore a great product to have! 

  • Acne 

People with black and darker skin tend to have more frequent acne breakouts. Their skin produces the highest amount of sebum which contributes greatly to the incidence of acne. The excessive oil buildup along with trapped dead skin cells leads to clogged pores which ultimately results in acne breakouts. The best way to keep acne at bay for black skin is to exfoliate regularly to slough away dead skin cells as well as using a gentle yet effective cleanser to help manage excessive oil production and to remove dirt, grime and sweat. We recommend the Leovard Multicleanser especially formulated to help with a plethora of skin problems including acne. It contains papaya extract which provides gentle exfoliation as well as salicylic acid which works wonders in keeping acne at bay. 

  • Ashy skin

At its core, ashy skin is a result of lack of moisture and hydration, and while dry skin is something people of all skin tones can suffer from, it’s the most visible on dark skin. Over time, the dry skin can become flaky, and uneven. So the best way to combat ashy skin is to ensure proper hydration and to moisturize the skin regularly using a nourishing, hydrating and soothing lotion, such as the Leovard Multicream. When the skin is not left yearning, it glows, unlike ever before. 

  • Keloids

An overgrowth of scar tissue, these are thick, dense and hard lumps on the skin and can be a result of piercings, acne lesions, surgical incision or other injuries. They are the most common in people with darker skin and can be itchy and painful. While surgical or laser removal is the only way to get rid of keloids entirely, natural ingredients such as aloe vera have also shown to improve the condition by reducing the pain and inflammation. I’m willing to bet that the Leovard Elixir, containing several healing ingredients including aloe gel, will greatly help with keloids and reduce the itching and pain associated with the condition. 


While caring for black skin is a little more complicated than lighter skin, in all its glory it is beautiful. And once we better educate ourselves on its unique needs, there’s no reason why we, as people of color, will feel confident and beautiful in our own skin.

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