Combating Dry And Flaky Skin

Combating Dry And Flaky Skin

The soft and cool breeze has brought with it the start of the beautiful fall season. The leaves will soon turn into gorgeous shades of red and orange, making one feel like getting lost in the magical and enchanted beauty of the world. To feel the crunchy leaves beneath your feet, or leaping into a pile of them, without a care in the world is truly something to look forward to.


Sipping on hot chocolate, cuddling with your loved ones by the fireplace and reminiscing about old times, are all the lovely and joyful feelings and experiences that fall brings with itself. But while fall is all about wonderful things happening for and around you, it’s not so much for your skin. The dryness of the season can take a huge toll on your skin which starts to feel rough, flaky and depleted. It may even begin to shed like the trees shedding their leaves but while the latter can be breathtakingly beautiful, the former, not so much. In fact, it can be quite a sore sight.


However, a few changes in your lifestyle, along with some rejuvenating skin care products can help you achieve smooth and silky skin this fall, so that you’re able to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year without feeling stressed out due to your skin woes.


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Change your bathing habits

Hours in a hot water shower can feel like absolute bliss to your body, especially in the cooler months. However, hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, resulting in dry and irritated skin. Try to stick to 5-10 minutes of warm showers, rather than hot and long ones. We know they sound extremely tempting, but it's not worth getting flaky and dry skin afterwards. Warm water is not only much gentler on the skin, it also helps to open up the pores just enough for a moisturizer, applied right after you shower, to seep into the skin and do its job of hydrating and replenishing.


Apply a rich moisturizer

A generous application of a good quality moisturizer, both on the face and overall body after coming out of the shower helps to retain moisture and hydration in the skin, making it feel supple and refreshed. 


While choosing one, it's important to look for active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that help your skin to not only stay hydrated but also promote the synthesis of collagen that gives the skin a firmer and lifted look.  The Leovard Multicream, light and creamy in texture, without any added fragrances, makes a wonderful face and body moisturizer. Made with the hydrating, soothing, nourishing and anti ageing ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, jojoba oil, chamomile and lavender, the non-greasy yet potent formula can help alleviate the most drying of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 


Regular use will leave you in awe of the formulation and it will quickly become your holy grail, helping to keep dry, flaky and inflamed skin at bay. 


Choose gentler fabrics

Cotton and silk have been proven to be great for your skin as they are gentle and allow your skin to breathe, while wool and velvet can be huge culprits in causing irritated and agitated skin during the fall months. However, since it’s next to impossible to be out and about in a cotton tee in the cooler months, try to make it your first layering piece, the one that touches the skin. Also, steer clear of detergents with perfumes and fragrances as they can also cause allergies and result in dry and sensitive skin.  


Use a humidifier

The brisk winds, low humidity and cold temperatures coupled with the dry heat from heaters can really strip the skin of moisture making it feel irritated. Using a humidifier can bring moisture levels up in your homes and offices, helping to alleviate several of your fall skin woes. It is also quite an easy and affordable purchase, and won’t be too hard on your pocket. 


Using gentle skincare products

Gentle skincare products are mostly fragrance-free and contain natural and organic ingredients. Cleansers, soaps, and moisturizers that contain a high amount of additives and artificial flavors and fragrances can trigger inflammation and irritation in sensitive and dry skin. Try to opt for gentler and more natural products that not only help your skin feel pampered but are also consciously sourced and are cruelty free, similar to the Leovard skin care line. 


Wear a lip balm

Chapped lips can easily become the bane of your life during the fall and winter months. No amount of lip balm can seem to rid you of the chapped, flaky and peeling lips. Using a hyaluronic acid lip balm can help your lips to not only feel soft and plump, but can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These results can be obtained through daily use of the Leovard Lip Luster which reduces dryness and moisturizes your lips through ingredients such as castor oil, hemp seed, and jojoba oil.


Consider skip your vitamins

Dry skin can be a cause of vitamin B and D deficiency. These deficiencies can cause your skin to flake, and be prone to acne and irritation. Including vitamins in your daily routine can be a very effective way of alleviating skin dryness. However, if you don't want to be popping vitamin capsules at your dinner table, foods like fish, egg yolks, and red meats are also proven to be highly rich in the necessary vitamins. 


A few lifestyle changes, coupled with premium quality skin care products will make all the difference when it comes to achieving the elusive radiant, glowy and hydrated look in the fall. Being conscious about these choices will not only give you the smooth and soft skin you desire, but will also give you confidence and courage to be your authentic and natural self, every single day.

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