Can facial oils replace moisturizer?

Can facial oils replace moisturizer?

If you watched in horror as your favorite beauty guru slathered ‘oil’ onto her face, touting it as a great way to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, you’re not alone. Because we felt just the same. And haven't we all grown up with the notion that any kind of oil on the face, even the one we naturally produce, is the culprit behind all our skin care woes, especially the pesky acne breakouts?

But now we know better and swear by a good facial oil to greatly transform the skin, lending it the glow and shine that is absolutely to die for. Facial oils aren’t just any oils. They are hand picked and blended together with several other skincare ingredients to help with a plethora of skin conditions such as uneven skin tone, discoloration and free radical damage. 

But does that mean that facial oils can replace moisturizers? Let’s find out. 

Skin’s natural barrier

Everyone’s top layer of skin has a natural built-in moisture barrier that helps in protecting the skin from environmental damage and irritants such as pollution, dirt and bacteria. The skin is protected and strong when the natural barrier is intact and functioning optimally. However, if the skin is neglected and not taken care of, it can cause the natural barrier to also weaken.  

Sebum is an oil which is naturally produced by our skin which helps in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin and prevents epidermal water loss. People with dry skin have a reduced production of sebum while those with oily skin produce it in excess. Also, over time, our body’s natural ability to produce sebum decreases. This requires that the skin be given more attention in the form of a hydrating and nourishing skincare routine to help balance the dearth or excess of sebum production and that's where a moisturizer and facial oil comes in. 


A good moisturizer’s job is to protect the natural barrier of the skin, improve its elasticity and keep it looking young and healthy. It should try to mimic the skin’s natural moisture and contain a combination of things such as water, oils, fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides while also helping to balance its pH levels. It is recommended by the skin experts that a moisturizer be applied twice in a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed after you are done cleansing, hydrating and applying any serums to maintain appropriate moisture levels in the skin. 

Facial oils

Facial oils can be used to seal in the hydration which you get after applying the moisturizer and also improve the elasticity of the skin.They can be applied all over the body, despite what their name suggests. Facial oils such as argan oil and jojoba oil contain anti-aging properties that help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also help with a host of skin issues such as discoloration, uneven skin tone and also lend it a radiant glow and shine. 

Leovard’s Oil Fusion is a perfect option for those with sensitive skin as well as anyone looking to try out an oil that will nourish and hydrate their skin without clogging their pores. It is a concoction of eleven premium botanical oils such as organic avocado oil, organic hemp oil, pure argan oil and many more. It also acts as a barrier to prevent the entry of any kind of bacteria. It is organically produced, non-toxic, high in antioxidants and light on the skin, giving it a radiant glow. 

Can facial oil replace moisturizer?

It is very important to remember that oil and water do not mix. When too much oil is applied, it can stop the skin from absorbing moisture from other products. Facial oils, when used correctly, can be amazing for your skin. They help to keep the moisture locked in the skin and give it a smooth feel. Also, if you suffer from flaky and dry skin and the use of just a moisturizer is not doing you much good, then you can incorporate a facial oil into your skincare routine. But that does not mean that the use of moisturizer be skipped because a good one has several active ingredients that are necessary to keep the skin not only moisturized and hydrated but also functioning optimally. 

So instead of either or, we suggest the use of a facial oil on top of a moisturizer to really lock in all the goodness from the latter and make the skin look plump, supple and youthful. 


The above discussion makes it abundantly clear that one can not replace the other. Rather, both perform different functions when it comes to skin care. While a moisturizer hydrates and replenishes, a facial oil helps to lock in the moisture and prevent epidermal water loss and dehydrated skin. Thus, it is not recommended that a moisturizer be replaced with facial oil, rather, it is suggested that facial oil should be incorporated into an already established skincare routine for best results.

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