Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Hair

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Hair

Have you ever looked at a woman with long, luscious and beautiful hair and envy them because of what they have been blessed with and curse your own genes? 

Having long and beautiful tresses can be a product of good genetics but having a nourishing and rejuvenating hair care routine in place and following it religiously is equally important in maintaining the glossy, long and lustrous locks. 

Just like we all have a skincare regimen curated for our particular skin type and needs (if you don’t, you absolutely must!) our hair also needs a consistent hair care routine, along with some extra love and pampering from time to time, to ensure that it looks and feels its best.  

Taking care of your hair not only means doing away with habits that damage them, like frequent heat styling, but also taking steps to ensure their health and well being like regularly oiling them with a hydrating and nourishing oil.

Everyone uses different types of oils that suit their hair type but one of the most beneficial oils for almost any hair type is flaxseed oil. It has emerged as a shining star in hair medicines and is a true magician in turning your hair into the beautiful and lustrous tresses that we all want. 

So if you’re just hearing about this miraculous oil or want to know more of its benefits, keep on reading to find out how this oil can do wonders for your hair!

What is flaxseed oil? 

Flaxseed is known for its golden brown color which is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fibers and many vitamins. It is particularly beneficial for hair that is prone to breakage and hair fall. The vitamin E in flaxseed oil helps in restoring the damaged hair and the lignans in flaxseed oil act as an antioxidant, stimulating the growth of new and healthier hair. A good hearty massage with flaxseed oil prevents the scalp from flaking and also nourishes it. 

Benefits of flaxseed oil

  • Hydrates dry hair: Flaxseed oil is a great product for fighting off dry and flaky scalp. The moisturizing properties along with vitamin E and fatty omega 3 acid help in preventing the scalp from drying up by keeping it hydrated and nourished. 


  • Improves hair growth: Flaxseed oil is a great source of vitamin B, a group of nutrients that help in strengthening the weak follicles that promote the hair to grow out more strongly and rapidly. Flaxseed oil also increases the elasticity of the hair and prevents it from further damage. 


  • Healthy scalp: Flaxseed oil helps in regulating the sebum production which helps in keeping your scalp and hair healthy by encouraging a healthy environment for the hair to regrow. The hydrating property of flaxseed oil keeps the hair moisturized by treating dandruff and dry scalp. 


  • Nourishment for your hair: If your hair is thin, dry and fragile it means your hair lacks the omega 3 fatty acids. Incorporating flaxseed oil as it is a major source of omega 3 into your hair care routine and diet in various forms will make your hair shiny and more beautiful.


  • Keeps dandruff at bay: Irrespective of gender, dandruff is the most common hair problem that we all face and are conscious of as it can be a little embarrassing. The omega 3 acids in flaxseed oil reduce the flakiness of the scalp which prevents dandruff from appearing. 


At Leovard

The Leovard Oil Fusion is a blend of eleven hydrating and nourishing botanical oils that is a perfect choice for all types of hair. It contains oils such as pure coconut oil, organic hemp oil, pure sunflower oil, pure flaxseed oil and many more. All these oils provide antioxidant properties, vitamins and essential fatty acid acids. Since these oils are all derived from organically grown plants they are not toxic to your body even if you were to consume them. 

Since we have discussed the benefits of flaxseed oil for the hair, the Leovard Oil Fusion is the best product available in the market that can do wonders for your hair. 


Long and luscious hair is an epitome of beauty. If you naturally have it, then bless your genetics, but if you do not, it might become difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain.

However, nothing is impossible! With the proper hair care routine and some tweaks in your lifestyle you can definitely achieve what you want. Regularly oiling your hair with an oil product such as the Oil Fusion, that has all the ingredients that your hair requires, will help you achieve the long and beautiful tresses that you are longing for.

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