Benefits of facial

Benefits of facial

"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time."    

- Linden Tyler.

Many people consider facials nothing more than money wasted in the salon. It is often viewed as a frivolous way to pamper the skin; something that is of little benefit in terms of improving your skin’s health. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Facials, albeit expensive, are a great way to have a professional work their magic. Even if your skin is apparently looking good, they can help you identify any underlying issues, giving you appropriate advice on how to keep it looking healthy and youthful. The facial massage also helps get the blood pumping, not only giving your skin a fresh glow, but also helps to alleviate stress, enabling you to relax. 

So if we’ve managed to pique your interest, and you want to find out all the benefits that a facial can give you, what to do before a facial, what to expect afterwards and how often to get one, keep on reading. 

What is a facial?

It is a series of steps that helps to deep clean the pores, slough off dead skin, and hydrate the skin in an attempt to improve its appearance and texture. Each session is tailored according to the individual needs of the skin and a trained professional can help you identify which facial will best suit you. But the end result for all is softer, smoother and transformed skin.

What are the benefits?

Cleanse the skin: One of the first steps of any facial is deep cleansing. Not only does it remove excess oil, dirt and gunk out of the skin, it helps to thoroughly cleanse the pores, removing any trapped impurities that otherwise cause the skin to breakout. 

Exfoliate the skin: While one should exfoliate regularly at home as part of their skin care routine, exfoliation as part of a facial helps to really get things going for your skin. When done by an expert, it helps to remove the dead skin cells, allowing for your skin to look radiant. 

Hydrates the skin: The serums and masks that are used as part of the steps include hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that help to quench the yearning skin, enabling to get rid of dry patches, giving you softer and plump skin. 

Slows down aging: Regular facials are the perfect way to keep your skin looking youthful. Not only do they help to minimize the appearance of wrinkling and fine lines, they are a great way to promote the synthesis of collagen, making your face look firmer, lifted and absolutely flawless. 

Gets the blood pumping: Facials include a hearty massage which aids in the circulation of blood. This allows for lymphatic drainage which not only helps to detoxify the skin but also helps to reduce swelling and puffiness. Improved blood circulation also allows oxygen to reach the cells more effectively, resulting in glowing and youthful looking skin. 

Rejuvenate the skin: A great way to increase cell turnover and have rejuvenated skin is to get regular facials. The cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and massaging helps to improve the skin’s texture, evens out the skin tone, lending the skin elasticity, luster and shine. 

Reduce stress: One of the less often spoken benefits of facials is its ability to reduce stress and take you to a state of absolute bliss. A facial massage can activate the nervous system owing to the many pressure points present on the face. These points are connected to various bodily systems, and massaging them helps to improve the functioning of several organs. 

Increase effectiveness of products: Last, but not the least, a facial helps to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the skin care products that you regularly use. After a facial, your skin is like a fresh and clean canvas, allowing the goodness of your favorite skin care products to do its job.

How often can you get one?

It is recommended to get a facial once every month for best results. However, if your skin is sensitive, or budget constraints refrain you from doing so, the minimum is getting at least four times a year, with every season’s change.

How to prepare for one?

Little preparation is involved before getting a facial. However, also opt for a trained aesthetician who can guide and educate you about your skin’s needs.

What to expect afterwards?

After a facial, the skin may feel a little tingly or look a little red but it’s completely normal, and the irritation will subside within a day. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun and use gentle products on the skin. We recommend the relaxing and soothing Leovard Luxury Tonic, made up of healing and nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, white willow and witch hazel that help to alleviate any inflammation or redness.


Summing up, getting regular facials is one of the most understated ways of having fresh looking, youthful and radiant skin. The benefits are manifold and can give your confidence a huge boost. 

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now!

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