5 skincare myths busted

5 skincare myths busted

With the rapidly and ever growing beauty and skincare industry, new products hit the market every single day, creating a huge buzz about what works and what just makes hefty claims. Articles and blogs are churned out on a daily basis about what the truth is and what is mere fluff, leaving a newbie quite confused about the merit of it all and unable to make informed decisions about what will actually work for their skin. 

There’s no denying that all of us want to feel and look our absolute best; to have radiant and supple skin, and for that we are willing to go to great lengths, even if that isn’t always the best call. Because when it comes to skincare, many of us are not really aware of what works best for us as we don’t always have the most reliable information regarding the topic. Some of us might use the hacks that have been passed down to us by our elders or try doing what worked for our friend, hoping it will for us too. But all this guess work is nothing short of a shot in the dark, and can be quite damaging for our skin. 

Instead, our skincare choices should be made on the basis of solid information and understanding, to be able to be beneficial for us. And today we’re going to help you with just that. We’ll be busting five common skincare myths to help you get started on making better and more informed skincare choices in the future! So keep on reading. 

  • Expensive skincare products work best:

    It is a common misconception that the only products that work for the skin are the products that are heavy on the pocket. However, that is not the case. Active ingredients that are found in many local products are similar to the ingredients that are found in products that are being sold in fancy shops at a much higher price. But it does not mean that expensive products do not work. If you really want to splurge on a pricey cream, by all means do it, but that is not the only solution for your skin, because there are products that are available in the market with the same ingredient list at half the price. Leovard prides itself in being an affordable yet luxurious skincare brands, made up of premium quality and top notch natural and organic ingredients to help you with more than just a few skincare woes. 

  • The harder I scrub, the better my skin:

    While you might like the feel of that shiny, squeaky clean and tight skin after a good scrub,, it might be doing more damage than good if you are scrubbing too harshly. The natural oils of the skin can be stripped off with harsh scrubbing, making the skin work in overdrive to replace it, resulting in clogged pores and ultimately pimples and an array of other skin issues. Hard scrubbing also results in redness, inflammation and burning. The best approach to scrub the skin is to use gentle products that will not strip off the natural oils.

  • Drinking water can reduce breakouts:

    Drinking ample water is of utmost importance for someone’s health but the link between acne and drinking water is not as direct as we think it is. Drinking lots of water will not keep acne at bay. Yes, it is true that consuming a lot of water will remove the toxins from your body but acne happens because of the clogged pores on the skin and will not subside just because you are drinking too much water. It can however, can make your skin feel hydrated and supple and is not something you should give up. Instead, make it a part of your routine along with other skincare efforts aimed at keeping acne at bay, like regular cleansing using a product containing salicylic acid. 

  • Depuffing eyes with cucumber cold packs is the key:

    Cucumbers have cooling properties and are a great source of vitamin C which help in reducing inflammation. Cucumber cold packs help in depuffing eyes and also help you relax. However, it is not a permanent solution for it! The best way to reduce the puffiness of the eyes is to have a dedicated skincare routine with antioxidants that will nourish and keep the eye area hydrated. The Leovard Lip Luster, originally formulated to give plump, soft and luscious lips also works as a spectacular eye cream and will work wonderfully in depuffing the eyes as it contains all the ingredients that one could need such as aloe vera, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and polypeptides.

  • No need for sunscreen in winters:

    Many people think that sunscreen is not required during the cold weather. This is a major myth that needs to be busted. Just because you can not see the sun behind the clouds, does not mean that the UV rays are not reaching the earth’s surface. Regardless of the weather, if you are going outdoors for a longer period of time, you need to apply sunscreen, preferably broad spectrum 30 or higher. 


Most people want the best looking skin which is radiant and glowy and they often try to achieve this by opting for shortcuts. However, the best thing that you can do for your skin is to listen to what it needs and what works best for it. Do not get carried away with the new trends and tricks that everyone around you seems to be following because what works for them might not work for you. So stick to what will always work; a skincare routine especially curated to suit your skin type and needs

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