5 common skin concerns in men and how to tackle them

5 common skin concerns in men and how to tackle them

While women spend hours perfecting their skin and spend hundreds of dollars on a raved skincare product to achieve clearer and more radiant skin, men can get away with barely washing their face everyday. Or at least they thought they could before the wrinkles started to show up. 

In all honesty, skincare is no longer just a concern for women. In fact men are now becoming increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of their skin and are actively seeking out skincare products that help them address their concerns, even if it’s only the result of their wives being on their case to do more for their skin’s health. 

Men have different skin care needs compared to women, and it's important to understand those needs in order to find the right solutions. In this article, we'll explore some common skincare concerns for men and their solutions, so stick around until the end. 

Razor bumps 

Most men shave their faces, which results in the common yet dreaded razor bumps. They are caused as a result of ingrown hair and can even develop into pimples and blisters. Not only are they unsightly, they can be irritating, and uncomfortable to say the least. The best way to avoid razor bumps as well as nips and cuts while shaving is to use a clean and sterile razor and to lather on a generous amount of shaving cream. Shave in the direction of the hair growth for best results. 

Following it up with a soothing aftershave like the Leovard Tonic containing aloe vera, green tea and witch hazel, can make a great difference and play a significant role in alleviating the pain and burn while also promoting smooth and even skin. 


If you thought you had put teenage acne behind you, you’re probably mistaken because adult acne is just as common if not more and is a common occurrence in men of all ages. Factors such as sweating, stress, steroids and even humidity contribute to the skin breaking out into nasty bouts of acne and pimples, sometimes even leaving scarring in its wake. 

The best way to keep acne causing bacteria at bay or to quickly remedy a raging case is to regularly wash the face using a salicylic acid containing cleanser like the Leovard Multicleanser. Known for its ability to treat acne by unplugging blocked skin pores and reducing swelling and redness, it allows the  pimples to shrink and heal quickly. 


With the large amount of time most men spend outdoors, be it for work or sports, their chance of getting a sunburn increases, especially if they don’t wear sunscreen (or forget to reapply it every few hours). 

And yes, you can get sunburned even if you have dark skin. So be sure to take preventative measures such as sporting a hat and sunglasses and wearing sunscreen at all times. And if there comes a day where you feel like the sun finally got its way and left you feeling fried, reach for a soothing ointment or serum containing vitamin E or aloe vera, known for their ability to remedy even the most brutal of sunburns. 

The Leovard Elixir, true to its name, is a handy product to have on you at all times for situations like these and can help soothe a nasty sunburn almost instantly. It’s compact and convenient to use with a roll on bottle which makes targeted application super easy. 


The extremely debilitating skin condition is not uncommon in men and can severely affect one’s ability to function easily as well as take a toll on their self esteem. While eczema can not be cured entirely, it’s symptoms can be managed with the help of hydrating and soothing skincare ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, lavender, chamomile, and green tea, all of which and more are found in Leovard’s Multicream

It is neither sticky, nor greasy and provides the appropriate amount of hydration and nourishment to the skin, leaving it feeling loved and cared for. 


14 million Americans suffer from the inflammatory skin condition known as rosacea. While more women than men get rosacea – 3 to 1 in some studies – men tend to have more severe symptoms which include burning, itching, red patches and facial swelling. 

While the condition is not life threatening, it can get worse if left untreated. Skincare products containing alcohol can cause the condition to flare up more frequently, and hence it’s recommended to stick to alcohol free, fragrance free and toxin free skincare such as the Leovard Skincare solutions, to be able to better manage the condition. 


Long gone are the days when skincare for men included nothing more than washing the face with a soap bar. Our changing lifestyles as well as the world we live in has given rise to several skin conditions, even for men, which require more conscious and aware choices. So instead of ignoring them it’s better to take charge before they get worse to ensure optimum skin health.

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