4 ways to boost your skincare routine

4 ways to boost your skincare routine

You look at people with clear skin, with not even a blemish in sight, and wonder what they do to have such radiant, glowing and flawless skin. Are they born with it or does the secret lie in their skincare routines? Even if it is the former, rest assured, that it takes painstaking effort, hard work and consistency to keep their skin looking as beautiful as it does. 

So if you’re someone who’s been doing everything by the book, and are consistent in following a skincare routine well suited for your skin type, but still not seeing a difference, then you might have to revamp or tweak your routine a little bit. We have gathered a few simple, yet effective changes you can make to your routine to get that glowing skin. 

These steps don’t require you to fish out two months of your paycheck on some hyped up beauty products, nor do they take much of your time. Instead, they are simple and easy to follow, and you just need to learn how to incorporate them in your daily beauty routine.

So let’s get into it, shall we? 

  • Try double cleansing : If it takes you only 20 seconds to wash your face, even if you have makeup on, it’s no wonder your skin looks dull and drab, despite the rest of your skincare routine. Because although your face looks clean after you’ve quickly cleansed, it is anything but. You likely have residue of makeup, excess sebum and pollutants trapped in the crevices of your face and in your pores, giving your skin a dull appearance.
Instead of the sad job of cleansing the way you do, try double cleansing. It is an absolute game changer. It does take more than the twenty seconds you’re used to, but the results are worth it.

First off, cleanse your skin using an oil based formula to help dissolve layers of oily buildup and then go in with a water based cleanser to ensure getting rid of any residue. Ensure that both the cleansers you use are gentle, especially the water based one, and contain soothing ingredients like oatmeal, green tea, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid found in the Leovard Multicleanser

  • Add a facemask to your routine :The use of facemasks has blossomed in recent years. People now have started venturing into enzymes, charcoal and sheet masks, although we do advise caution when it comes to the use of sheet masks. But honestly, there’s nothing quite like using a soothing face mask at night after a long and hectic day, as it can immediately make your skin feel better. 

A face mask can help tackle key skin conditions and concerns such as acne, dryness, dehydration and irritation while also helping to refine and close up enlarged pores, in turn leaving your skin feeling loved and cared for. Furthermore, face masks are great for reviving dull skin, giving it a youthful and glowing appearance by helping to fight off early signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, giving it an even, soft and smooth texture. 

So in addition to your usual skincare routine, try using a face mask once or twice a week to give your skin a little bit of pampering.

  • Facial massage : Facial massages are known for giving you a natural face lift, but apart from this they have a number of skin benefits. First off, a facial massage stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, helping to flush out toxins from the skin cells, giving the face a bright and rejuvenated appearance. This helps with not only scars but also reduces the incidence of acne breakouts. A massage also speeds up the blood circulation, allowing your skin to not only heal quickly, but also helping you achieve brighter looking skin. Facial massages are also known for anti-aging as they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A gentle massage routine can help ease the tight muscles on your forehead, decreasing the lines they form.

A facial massage also helps to boost your skincare routine by increasing the absorption and hence the effectiveness of other skincare products that you use, giving you the kind of skin that you could only dream of. Pro tip: make sure to always apply some moisturizer or serum before you massage your face as doing it on dry skin can cause redness and irritation. 

  • Add a serum to your routine : Since a serum is more concentrated than a regular moisturizer, it is great for targeting particular skin issues and rectifying them. So whether you want to get rid of hyperpigmentation, dark spots or wrinkles, a serum is a great way to do that. Serums can also be used for skin brightening as well as hydration and leave your skin feeling plump and soft. Another great thing about serums is that they are extremely soothing for the skin, and can expedite the healing process such as helping to ward off inflammation or rectifying a sunburn. The Leovard Serum with its fantastic list of not only hydrating ingredients but also antioxidants will make a great addition to any skincare routine, helping to transform the skin, and bringing out its absolute best. 



Sometimes your trusty skincare routine seems to stop working out of nowhere. It could be a change in season, or your skin simply acting up. Nonetheless, a few small changes or tweaks in your routine can go a long way in helping it get back on track and feeling its absolute best again. 

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